After treating his iPhone's Suri like a girlfriend last season, The Big Bang Theory's Raj (Kunal Nayyar) will finally be getting a real love interest. And costar Kaley Cuoco thinks it would make sense if Raj hooked up with Penny's never-been-seen mom.

"I know they're thinking about introducing her, and I've always wanted Lisa Kudrow to play her," Cuoco says. "I imagine her to be a skanky, dirty, trailer trashy cougar, hitting on the boys. I'd love for her to go after Raj."

Showrunner Bill Prady took to Cuoco's pitch right away. "That's not a bad idea," he says. "Raj is a little broken and desperately wants to be in a relationship with anyone who would have him, and we can assume Penny's mom would be an attractive woman. She could be the woman to help him put his broken pieces back together."

  在上一季《生活大爆炸》(The Big Bang Theory)中,拉杰(Raj)待iPhone的语音系统Suri如挚爱女友。而下一季中,他终于要迎来一位真正的恋爱对象啦!卡莉·库措(Kaley Cuoco)觉得佩妮(Penny)尚未露面的老妈就应当是这位恋爱对象。

库措说:“我知道他们在考虑引入佩妮妈妈的角色,我一直都希望丽莎·库卓(Lisa Kudrow 《老友记》菲比)来扮演佩妮的妈妈。在我脑海中,她的妈妈应该是个惹人厌烦,言语挑逗的熟女。我想看到她去调戏拉杰。”

制片人比尔·普拉迪(Bill Prady)接过话柄说:“这还真不是一个坏主意。如今拉杰既心碎又绝望,他愿意与任何想要和他在一起的人谈恋爱。而且我们可以猜到佩妮的妈妈肯定是位迷人的女士。说不定她能够修补好拉杰破碎的心呢。”