The small German town of Mittenwalde could become one of the richest in the world if officials in Berlin were to pay back the long-outstanding debt.

According to Radio Berlin Brandenburg, the certificate shows that Mittenwalde lent Berlin 400 guilders in 1562, to be paid back with six per cent interest per year.

Today the original outstanding debt would stand at an estimated £87million, an amount which would run into 'trillions' taking into account inflation and interest.

Historian Vera Schmidt, who found the slip in the town's archives where it had been since 1962, believes the certificate remains valid.
发现了这条档案的历史学家Vera Schmidt深信,该项证据即便至今仍然有效。

'In 1893 there was a debate in which the document was examined and the writing was determined to be authentic,' Schmidt said.

Requests to settle the debt have been made by Schmidt and mayor Uwe Pfeiffer, however these appeals have so far been rejected.
Schmidt与该镇镇长Uwe Pfeiffer已经提请柏林方面赔付债款,然而他们的请求被柏林方面驳回。

Berlin's finance senator Ulrich Nussbaum, who met with the pair to discuss the debt, told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper: 'This case shows that debts always catch up with you, no matter how old they are.'
柏林的财政理事Ulrich Nussbaum与他们已经进行过会面,并且对债务问题进行了磋商。他对《柏林日报》表示:“这一次的事件告诉我们时光再久远,债务永相随”。

However given the current financial problems in the Eurozone, Mittenwalde may have to wait a little longer to finally receive its payback.