When it comes to being a detective, we wouldn't have guessed that being a cracking cocktail maker would be high on the list of skills that you need. We certainly don't remember Benedict Cumberbatch knocking up a Mojito on BBC's Sherlock!

Jonny Lee Miller however, who is playing Sherlock on the US version of the show which is called Elementary, was snapped mixing two drinks together on the set of the drama. We can't help but wonder what his character is up to. Perhaps he's making some genius tracking solution or conjuring up a deadly poison? Or maybe he just fancies a drink?

Jonny was joined on set by Lucy Liu, we will play Doctor Joan Watson on the CBS drama. Elementary wasn't the only show that was being filmed though - the stars of Sky Atlantic's Smash were also snapped dancing in the streets!

Yikes - Jonny looks like he needs an early night in this picture! We recently found out that in Elementary, Sherlock has been in rehab for substance addiction. Maybe this picture is showing Sherlock having a relapse! At this year's Comic-Con, Jonny said that his character 'lacks control'. He said: 'He has such a genius for solving crime, but he really is not in control of himself.'

Lucy Liu was photographed looking a little miffed on set. In the show, she will play Sherlock's companion Doctor Joan Watson. 

沪江娱乐快讯:说到侦探,我们决不会想到调酒也是其必须的职业技能。至少本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)可没有在BBC台的《新福尔摩斯》(Sherlock)中调过古巴鸡尾酒!

在美国现代版福尔摩斯新剧《福尔摩斯与华生》(Elementary)片场上,饰演大侦探的的约翰尼·李·米勒(Jonny Lee Miller )将两种液体混合在一起。我们不由的好奇此举目的为何。也许他是在制造神奇的跟踪试剂?或是合成致命的毒药?说不定,他只是想自己来一杯酒呢!在剧中饰演琼·华生(Joan Watson)的刘玉玲也出现在了片场。