The stars of The Big Bang Theory have spoken to Digital Spy about the show's upcoming sixth season.

The hit sitcom's season-five finale saw Howard (Simon Helberg) marry Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) moments before jetting into outer space.

"I hope he comes back!" Helberg told DS at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. "That's the one thing I'm looking forward to - and dealing with married life.

"To squeeze a marriage and a trip into outer space into 22 minutes is no small feat, so it was quite a big episode. A lot of bang for your buck."

His co-star Rauch added: "I thought it was beautiful how the writers executed [the finale], so I'm excited to see where their marriage will take them."

Meanwhile, Big Bang star Kunal Nayyar joked that his character Raj will be left "lonely" and "miserable" without his friend Howard.

"It'll be an interesting time for him, because he really leaned on Howard for everything," said Nayyar. "Now Howard is not only married, he's also gone into space, so we'll see what happens."

The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS on Thursday, September 27. In the UK, the series airs on Channel 4 and E4.

沪江娱乐快讯:《生活大爆炸》(The Big Bang Theory)的几位主演日前向Digital Spy网站吐露了各自对于该剧即将回归的第六季的期待。


“我希望他能凯旋而归!”霍华德的扮演者西蒙·赫尔伯格(Simon Helberg)出席圣地亚哥动漫大会时告诉Digital Spy网站。“除此之外,霍华德的婚后生活也让我十分期待。”


赫尔伯格剧中的新婚妻子梅丽莎·劳齐(Melissa Rauch)补充道:“我觉得编剧们把那场婚礼写的太美了,我很想知道婚姻会给他们俩带来什么改变。”

与此同时,该剧另一位主演昆瑙·内亚(Kunal Nayyar)则开玩笑地说没了好基友霍华德的陪伴,自己扮演的拉杰(Raj)会感到“孤独寂寞”又“难过伤心”。