She’s usually seen in period dress portraying Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey.

But Jessica Brown Findlay has undergone a dramatic makeover appearing on the cover of Love magazine.

The 22-year-old actress appears dressed in an ethereal style sporting messy hair embellished with flowers, pale skin, smokey eyes and dark red lips.

Jessica smoulders on the cover dressed in a plunging crumpled dress with her incandescent skin glowing in the light.

The shoot, styled by LOVE Editor-in-chief Katie Grand, is a far cry from the primped and proper character Jessica famously portrays.

After the otherworldly look is also a far cry from her usual English rose style in real life.

Jessica is no stranger to sporting a dark and mysterious look and in February she appeared in a haunting series of snaps for Dominic Jones jewellery.

Brown Findlay started her career as a ballet dancer, training with the National Youth Ballet and the Associates of the Royal Ballet.

When she was 15, she was invited to dance with the Kirov at the Royal Opera House for a summer season.

During her final two years of school she had three operations on her ankles. The last one went wrong and when Brown Findlay woke up from the anaesthetic, she was told she would never dance again.

Not one to be deterred, the budding artist applied to St Martin's in London and got onto their highly regarded Fine Art course.

沪江娱乐快讯:在《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)中,她是穿着年代戏服的三小姐希珀(Lady Sybil)。但在《Love》杂志中,她的华丽变身堪称惊艳!近日,22岁的女演员杰西卡·布朗·芬德利(Jessica Brown Findlay)登上《Love》杂志封面。装点着花朵的蓬松秀发,洁净的皮肤,略为烟熏的眼妆,深红色的嘴唇营造出优雅的时尚风格。

在封面中,杰西卡身穿裸肩皱褶裙装,洁白的皮肤在灯光下十分闪耀。该造型由杂志首席主编凯特·格兰德(Katie Grand)打造,与萤幕上精心装扮,得体大方的三小姐有着巨大的差别。这个超凡脱俗的造型与杰西卡现实中英伦女孩的清新装扮也相去甚远。但这已经不是杰西卡首次驾驭暗黑神秘的造型了。今年二月,她就为Dominic Jones珠宝拍摄了一组气质狂野的宣传照。