abide by/in
accede to
accuse of
addicted to
adverse to
afflict with
agree to/with/on
agreeable to
amazement at
amenable to
angry with/about
apologize for
appetite for
apply to/for
appreciation of
approve of
argue with/about
arrive at
aside from
blame for/on
believe in
blame for
capable of
care about/for
charge for/with
chary of
compare to/with
compatible with
complain about
comply with
conform to/with
consist of
consistent with
consult with
contribute to
conversant with
count (up)on
cover with
decide (up)on
depend (up)on
desire for
desirous of
desist from
die of
differ from/with/over/about
different from
discriminate against
disdain for
distinguish from
dream of/about
enamored of
escape from
excel in
excuse for
forget about
forgive for
hide from
hope for
independent of
indulge in
inferior to
insight into
insist (up)on
jealous of
necessary to/for
object to
objection to
oblivious to
outlook on
partake of
partial to
participate in
peculiar to
pray for
prefer to
preoccupation with
prevent from
prior to
prohibit from
prone to
protect from
protest for/against
provide with
recover from
relief from
rely (up)on
rescue from
respond to
stare at
stop from
subscribe to
substitute for
succeed in
tamper with
thank for
vote for
wait for/on
weary of
willing to
work with
worry about