Eric Dane (Mark Sloan) has said that he thinks Lexie (Chyler Leigh) was Mark's one true love on Grey's Anatomy, and we definitely agree that she holds a special, and irreplaceable, place in his heart. However, does that mean love is off the table for Mark entirely?

When we speculated about how Lexie's death might affect Mark in Season 9 — assuming that he lives — one thing we said was that it would be possible for Mark to throw himself back into Julia's arms in an attempt to move on. Now, we think that would be a mistake: Mark needs time to grieve. But that doesn't mean he couldn't find someone else, eventually.

Just because Mark might not ever love someone the way he loved Lexie doesn't mean he can't find someone else to spend his life with, and maybe start a family with. Even Chyler Leigh thinks he's likely to move on! We think it could be interesting to watch him try to have a new relationship while dealing with the fact that he's never going to stop missing Lexie. Maybe he could have a love interest who has also lost someone, and therefore could understand what he's going through.

On the other hand, Mark already has baby Sofia and his makeshift family with Calzona. We could also see him never having a serious romantic attachment again, and instead focusing on being a good dad and friend to Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

What do you hope to see from Mark's love life in the future?


沪江娱乐快讯:马克·斯隆(Mark Sloan)的扮演者埃里克·迪恩(Eric Dane)曾说他认为莱西·格蕾(Lexie Grey)是马克在《实习医生格蕾》(Grey's Anatomy)中唯一的真爱。当然,我们也认为莱西在马克的心里占据了一个无法替代的特殊位置。然而这意味着马克从此就对爱情死心了吗?


马克也许无法再像爱莱西那样去爱别人了,但这同样地也不代表他不能再找一个人共度余生或者再组成一个家庭。正如莱西的扮演者凯乐·利(Chyler Leigh)所说,马克一定能振作起来!而我们很期待看到马克在知道自己永远也不会停止思念莱西的情况下,仍尝试着去开始一段新的感情。也许马克需要一个和他一样失去了挚爱,所以能够体会这种切肤之痛的新恋人。