It sounds like something out of a Hollywood script, but an unemployed Brooklyn man might as well add "Consummate Hero" to his resume.

Delroy Simmonds missed a job interview Tuesday after jumping in front of a subway car to save a nine-month-old child that had fallen onto the tracks, the New York Daily News reports.

Simmonds, who was laid off last year from his job as a vocational trainer, was en route to interview for a maintenance position when he saw a gust of wind knock the infant's stroller onto the tracks.

The mother, toting three other kids at the time, reportedly looked on as Simmonds shimmied down the platform and hoisted the child to safety.

An oncoming J train had just rounded the corner, but both Simmonds and the child made it out relatively unscathed (witnesses said the infant suffered gash to its forehead).

“Everybody is making me out to be some sort of superhero,” he told the Daily News. “I’m just a normal person. Anybody in that situation should have done what I did.”

Luckily, his act was enough to wrangle another interview for Wednesday. In response to all the public recognition, Simmonds kept his eye on the prize: "What I really need now is a job," said.