It's only natural to be skeptical of CBS' new drama "Elementary," a contemporary procedural-style adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, considering there's already a perfectly wonderful version being made by the BBC called "Sherlock." But after seeing the first trailer for the CBS show starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, you might not resist so much.


Miller is our new Holmes, an eccentric character who helps cops solve crimes via an unconventional relationship with law enforcement, and Liu is a former surgeon-turned-sober coach for our unpredictable hero.

In theory, it sounds too similar to be able to love both shows, but after watching footage from the new series, it seems there will be plenty of room on TV for both mystery-solvers. It's got a dark but accessible vibe, perfect for CBS. Plus, Miller gets to use his actual British accent and although Liu seems like such a bubbly, likable person, she also seems 100 percent comfortable with her more serious side.