A rainstorm transforms the city into a wet wonderland




The rain beats down all around, splashing on rooftops, sidewalks and in rivers. Rain collects in puddles that slosh over sewer pipes, flood sidewalks and pool at bus stops. Multicolored ponchos scuttle across streets as people pedal bicycles through huge puddles of water. The sky is dark and lightning flashes overhead. It lights up the pupils of small awestruck schoolchildren and makes the rain-drenched sides of Tianjin taxis glisten as they creep through the heavy downpour. I am soak to the skin, and my clothes hang like limp rags as I plow through the rapidly flooding streets on my bike.

I park my bike amid a hundred other wet bikes, enter the food market and shake the water from my hair. I always enjoy coming here to eat. The place is filled from corner to corner with sweet-smelling foods, freshly baked bread and roasted mutton kebabs . After a hard morning's work in class and fighting a ferocious rainstorm, it is nice to finally sit down among a throng of excited dinners. After my meal, I stand outside in the warm rain enjoying a cold fruit Popsicle and watching people stream through the streets.

Word Bank:


slosh (v) 飞溅,婆溅
The water in the bucket sloshed onto the ground as Tom walked along.

awestruck (adj) 惊奇而心生畏惧的
The little country boy was awestruct by all of the lights in the city.

soaked to the skin (idiom)全身湿透的
It was raining so hard that Harry was soaked to the skin when he got to his office.

ferocious (adj)又猛又急的,凶猛的
The ferocious desert heat forced everyone to find some shade for the afternoon.


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