Section A
1. W: Have you heard about the plane crash yesterday? It caused a hundred and twenty
deaths. I am never at ease when taking a flight. 
M: Though we often hear about air crashes and serious casual deeds,flying is one of
the safest ways to travel. 
Q: What do we learn from this conversation? 
2. W: I have a complaint to make,Sir. I had waited ten minutes at the table before the
waiter showed up,and I finally got served. And I found it was not what I ordered.
 M: I am terribly sorry,madam.It's a bit unusually busy tonight. As a compensation,
your meal will be free. 
Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place? 
3. M: I can't find my pen. I need to write a letter.
W: I'll look for it later. Right now I need you to help fix the shelf before paint
it. 
Q: What would they do first? 
4. M: Mrs. Winter, I need your advice, I want to buy a dress for my wife, can you tell
me where I can get one at a reasonable price? 
W: Sure, go to Richard's. It has the latest styles and gives a 30% discount to
husbands who shop alone. 
Q: What do we know about Richard's shop? 
5. M: My headaches are terribly. Maybe I need more sleep.
W: Actually, you need less sun and some aspirin. It would help if you wear a hat. 
Q: What does the woman think is the cause of the man's headache? 
6. M: Did you know this: after almost ten years in the United States, with such a
strong accent.
W: Yes, but he is proud of it. He says it is a part of his identity.
Q: What does the conversation tell us about Mr. Li?Li still speaks English.
7. W: This is Mrs. Starched,my heater is not getting any power and weatherman says the
temperature is to fall below zero tonight.Could you get someone to come over and
fix it? 
M: This is the busiest time of the year, but I'll speak to one of our men about
going over some time today. 
Q: Who did Mrs. Starched want to come over? 
8. M: Though we didn't win the game, we were satisfied with our performance.
W: You did a great job. You almost beat the world's champions. It's a real surprise
to many people. 
Q: What do we learn from this conversation? 
9. W: Sorry I did not come yesterday,because I had a temperature.Could you tell me the
requirement for my term paper? 
M: The theme of your paper can be about business management or touring resources in
China, and the length of the paper should be no less than fifteen pages.
Q: What is the most probable relationship between the two speakers?
10. W: I don't think we should tell Tom about the surprising party for Lucy.
M: It's all right. He promised not to tell, and he does not make promises likely.
Q: What does the man mean? 

Part I Listening Comprehension

Section A

l-10 A C C D A A B C D D

Section B
S1 over
S2 constantly
S3 mechanism
S4 maintain
S5 overall
S6 normal
S7 increase
S8 This can be influenced by a variety of factors,including how much you weigh and how that weight is distributed.
S9 Similarly findings have also been reported at high school level,mainly with female students.
S10 The primary cause of this concern is the value that American society is ingeneral asociety to physical appearance. 

PartⅡ Reading Comprehension

11. 正确答案为C)。根据文章第1、3-6段可知,对鸟类睡眠的最新研究表明,它们能够有意识地控制自己的半脑睡眠。这几段举例说明了对这个问题实验的情况。选项A)、B)、D)虽在文章第2 段中也提到了,但那是文献记载的以前研究的情况(Earlier studies have documented...)故均不是正确答案。12. 正确答案为A)。根据文章第6段The results provide the best evidence for along standing supposition that singlehemisphere sleep evolved as creatures scanned for enemies.(这些研究结果为一个长久以来的假设提供了最好的证据,即单侧脑睡眠是在生物警惕敌人过程中进化形成的。)
13. 正确答案为C)。根据文章第6段内容:鸟类单侧脑睡眠是在警惕敌人过程中进化而来,此结论还可推而广之。在需要警惕的一侧,鸟儿喜欢睁着一只眼睛……,一对动物园里的鸟儿挨着打瞌睡时 是如此,宠物鸟靠镜子一侧的眼睛闭着,好象镜子中的影子是一个伙伴,而另一只眼睛却睁着, 也说明这种情况。所以选项C)是答案。
14. 正确答案为B)。根据文章第7段第2句Perhaps keeping one side of the brain awake allows a sleeping animal to surface occasionally to avoid drowning.(也许,保持一侧脑醒着可以使睡眠中的动物不时浮出水面而刁;淹死。)所以B)emerge from water now and then to breathe(不时浮出水面来呼吸)是正确答案。
15. 正确答案为D)。根据文章最后的一段,也就是含有这个短语的上下文。Studies of birds may offer unique insights into sleep...He (Siegel)speculates that more examples may turn up when we take closer look at other species.(对鸟类的研究可能提供对睡眠的独特认识。……他推测当我们对其他物种仔细观察时,就会发现更多的例证。)因此选项D)所说"半侧脑睡眠这种现象可能存在于其他物种"正是"just the tip of iceberg"所表达的意思。
16. 正确答案为C)。根据第2段The claims are taken seriously enough that TT therapists are frequently hired by leading hospitals.(这种宣扬很受重视,以致TT行医者经常受雇于大的医院……)选项A)文章中没有提及,选项B)叙述不准确,文中只是说,据称这种方法能使人病情好转,甚至说有的能治疗各种疾病"。选项D)与文章内容不符,文章说,川万受过培训的TT行医者甚至不接触病人身体……。故A),B),D)均不是答案。
17. 正确答案为C)。根据文章第3段第2句:为了提供这样一个证明(证明人有"能场''),TT行医者不得不坐下接受独立的测试--这是他们一直都不愿意做的事情,即使詹姆斯·兰迪为能演示人存在"能场"的人提供一百多万美元的奖金。(To provide such proof, TT therapists would have to sit down for independent testingsomething they haven'tbeen eager to do, even though James Landi has offered more than $ 1 million to anyone who can demonstrate the existence of a human energy field.)
18. 正确答案为D)。根据文章第1段我们知道,TT行医者所宣扬的就是通过调节病人的"能场"来治病(whose advocates manipulate patient's "energy field" to make them feel better and even, say some, to cure them of various ills)。在第2段中,又提到"运用这种手法可以推动能场转动直到平衡(…pushing energy fieds around until they're in "balance")"而爱米丽·瑞莎的实验就是证明是否能场真的存在。特别文章最后一句If there was an energy field, they couldn't feel it.(如果有一个能场的话,他们也感觉不到。)选项C)说是测试她能否感觉到能场,如果是这样的话,前提是存在一个能场,这当然是错误的。A),B)两个选项也是错误的。
19. 正确答案为D)。根据文章第3段从第2句到段末这部分:A skeptic might conclude that TT practitioners are afraid to lay their beliefs on the line. But who would turn down an innocent, fourthgrader?Says Emily:"I think they didn't take me very seriously because I'm a kid".(怀疑的人或许会因为TT行医者害怕使他们自己处于被揭露的危险中,但谁能拒绝一个天真的四年级的小学生呢?爱米丽说,"我想他们不会太把我当回事,因为我是个小孩子。)
20. 正确答案为A)。此题要求概括主题。文章第1句就是主题句:A nineyearold schoolgir
l singlehandly cooks up a sciencefair experiment the ends up debunking a wide
ly practiced medical treatment. (一个9岁的小女孩独自设计了一个公开的科学实验,结果揭穿了一种广为流行的医疗方法的真相。)
21. 正确答案为A)。根据第1段第2,3句:The answer depends on what kind of system is ultimately adopted. Two distinct types are on the drawing board. (答案取决于最后采用哪一种系统,两种不同的类型都在绘图板上。)回答此问题的关键是要知道drawingboard的意思。所以选项A) are being planned是正确答案。
22. 正确答案为B)。根据第1段最后一句:A specialpurpose lane system would require more extensive physical modifications to existing highways,but it promises the greatest gains in freeway capacity (特别目的车道系统要求对现有的高速公路进行更广泛的改造,但它会使高速公路获得最大的能力。)
23. 正确答案为C)。根据第2段第1句:Under either scheme, the driver would specify the desired destination, furnishing this information to a computer in the car at the beginning of the trip or perhaps just before reaching the automated highway.(不论采用那种设计,司机都需要在其开始行驶时或在到达自动化高速公路前确定要去的目的地,把这个信息输入车上的计算机。)故C)是正确答案。选项B)与文章内容相悖,因为原文第2段第2句是on suitably equipped roads而不是existing traffic。选项D)提到的情况只适用于第2种设计方案,即混合式交通系统。故A),B),D)均不是答案。
24. 正确答案为B)。根据文章第2段第3,4,5句:如果使用特殊目的的车道……一种方法是使
用特殊的人口引道。当司机接近高速公路人口处时,安装在道边的电子装置会检测车辆的目的地并搞清是否有能工作的自动化装置。(If specialpurpose lanes were available,…One method would use a special onramp. As drivers approached the point of entry for the highway, devices installed on the roadside would electronically check the vehicle to determine its destination and to ascertain that it had the proper automation equipment in good working order.)
25. 正确答案为D)。根据第3段的最后一句:And once a vehicle had settled into automated travel, the driver would be free to release the wheel, open the morning paperor just relax. (一旦车辆进入自动行驶状态,司机就可以放开方向盘,打开晨报或者只是休息。) 
26. 正确答案为A)。这是一篇新老观点对应性文章。老观点也就是平常的大家普遍接受的观点:聪明指的是受到正规教育,成绩优秀,并以此作为自我完善的手段。新观点强调心理健康,否定老观点,所以A)是答案。
27. 正确答案为D)。通读全文我们知道,作者认为真正能体现聪明的是能否过一种有意义;愉快的生活,每天,每时都是这样。而获得大学学位的人未必能做到。所以选项D)与作者的这种观点相符,是正确答案。选项C)有一定的干扰性,虽然作者说神经病医院里满是持有各种证书的病人。但这并不是说持有大学学位可能使一个人神经得病或身体虚弱。
28. 正确答案为C)。选项A)与文章内容相悖,文章说要摒弃某些很流行的说法(putting rest some very prevalent myths),而不是要忍耐这些说法。选项B)和选项D)的内容在文章中均未提到, 故只有选项C)是正确答案。另外,也可以根据第2段第1句来推断:If you are happy, if you live each moment for everything it's worth, then you are an intelligent person. (如果你感到愉快,如果你为所有值得的事物活每一时刻,你就是一个聪明的人。) '
29. 正确答案为A)。根据第4段第2,3,4句的内容:在任何社会环境中与别人交往,每个人都有相的困难。意见不合,冲突和妥协是作为人的一部分存在的。(Everyone who is involved with other human in any social context has similar difficulties. Disagreements, conflicts and compromises are a part of what it means to be human.)选项A)与之相符,是正确答案。选项B)干扰性较大,这与原文不符。原文说But some people are able to make it, to avoid immobilizing depression and unhappiness despite such occurrences.(但有些人能克服,尽管有这些事情发生,他们能避免陷入沮丧和不愉快中不能自拔。)这意味着生活中的沮丧和不愉快是可以避免的。
30. 正确答案为B)。根据第4段最后一句:Those who recognize problems as a human condition and don't measure happiness by an absence of problems are the most intelligent kind of human we know,also the most rare. (那些认识到困难是人生必然存在的事物,不以有没有困难来衡量愉快,是我们所知最聪明的一类人,也是很罕见的人。)

Part Ⅲ Vocabulary

31. 答案为A)。premise意为"前提"。句意为:以火星有生命这一前提开始,那位科学家继续深入他的论证。其他三个选项的意思是:B)pretext借口;C)foundation基础;D)presentation陈述。
32. 答案为D)。controversy意为"争论",句意为:几起核灾难之后,关于核能安全的问题引起了激烈的争论。其他三个选项的意思是:A)quarrel争吵,吵架;B)suspicion猜疑,怀疑;C)verdict判决,结论。
33. 答案为B)。ambition意为"野心",句意为:他们的外交原则彻底将他们要征服世界的野心暴露无疑。其他三个名词的意思是:A)admiration赞美;C)administration行政,管理;D)orientation方向,方位。
34. 答案为C)。assurance意为"保证,担保",句意为:主任向我保证,如果我把工作做好,他会给我双倍的工资。其他三个名词的意思是:A)warrant作名词意为"证明,凭证",作动词有"保证,担保"的意思。此处应为名词,意思不适合本句。B)obligation义务,D)certainty肯定。
35. 答案为A)。 ornaments意为"装饰物",句意为:圣诞树用彩灯和玻璃球之类的装饰物修饰了起来。B)luxuries奢侈品;C)exhibits展览品;D)complements补充物。
36. 答案为C)。ingredients意为"(混合物中之)成分",句意为:做蛋糕的最主要的成分是面粉和糖。其他三个名词的意思是:A)elements元素,要素;B)components(构成整体的)部件,D constituents要素。
37. 答案为C)。这是四个都含有前缀trans的名词的辨析。A)translation翻译;B)transition转换;C)transmission传播;D)transaction交易。C)符合题意要求,句意为:文化传播表明人类把他们的语言从上一代传给下一代。
38. 答案为B)。illusion意为"幻想",句意为:我们必须摒弃幻想和假设来看问题,设法搞清丢失了什么。其他三个名词的意思是:A)justification理由,辩护;C)manifestation展示,证明;D)specifieation评述,规范。
39. 答案为B)。选项中三个形容词都有同一根词respect,特别注意它们意义的差别。A)respective分别的,各自的;B)respectable可敬的,值得尊敬的C) respectful尊重人的,有礼貌的;D)realistic现实(主义)的。选项B)符合题意,是正确答案。句意为:没有人会想象到,那个外表可敬的商人实际上是个罪犯。
40. 答案为D)。选项中四个形容词,有三个是由动词的过去分词转化而来。其意义分别是:A)de
41. 答案为A)。essence意为"本质,精髓",句意为:科学态度的本质是人类的意识能成功地
42. 答案为C)。chronic意为"慢性的":句意为这位老太太患有慢性咳嗽,短期内不能彻底治愈。其他三个形容词的意思是:A)perpetual永久的,持久的;B)permant'长期的,长久的;D)sustained持续不变的。
43. 答案为B)。authentic意为"真实的,可靠的",句意为:通讯员发给我们的是一件真实的新闻报道,我们可以相信它。其他三个形容词的意思是:A)evident明显的;C)ultimate最后的,最终的;D)immidiate紧急的,立即的。
44. 答案为A)。inspirational意为"有鼓舞力的,给予灵感的",句意为:已经聘她作教授兼顾问,我可以告诉你,她是一种鼓舞力量,促使她的学生成绩大大优于他们自己的期望。其它三个形容词的意思是:B)educational教育的;C)excessive过分的;D)instantaneous即刻的,瞬间的。
45. 答案为D)。vulnerable意为"易受攻击的,敏感的",句意为,有些研究者感到某些人的神
46. 答案为B)。destructive意为"破坏性的",句意为:飓风是造成灾难的风,其破坏性在于能造成物质的损坏。其它三个形容词的意思是:A)cumulative累积的;C)turbulent狂暴的,动乱的;D)prevalent流行的。
47. 答案为C)。obedient的意思是"顺从的,规矩的",句意为:在一些国家,要求学生在教室要保持安静并循规蹈矩。另外三个形容词的意义为:A)skeptical怀疑的;B)faithful忠诚的;D)subsidiary辅助的。
48. 答案为A)。gloomy的意思为"令人沮丧的",句意为:尽管经济预测令人沮丧,但制造业的产量却稍有增加。其它三个形容词的意思是:B)miserable悲惨的;C)shadowy有阴影的;D)obscure模糊的,暗的。
49. 答案为B)。本题要求辨析四个动词短语。A)set aside不顾,置于一旁;B)ward off避开;C) shrug off不理,一笑置之;D)give away赠予,发出。选项B)符合句意要求,是正确答案。句意为:文身或文面多为尚无文字社会的人用来追求身体健康或避免疾病。
50. 答案为C)。increasingly意为"越来越…,日益",句意为:在过去几年里,国际形势变得越来越困难。其它三个副词的意思是:A)invariably不变的,总是;B)presumably推测地,大概;D) dominantly起支配作用地。
51. 答案为C)。deprived意为"剥夺",常与of搭配,句意为:囚犯被剥夺三年的公民自由权。A)discharged意为"指控",常与with搭配,discharge…with意思是"指控某人犯……罪",B)derive意为"来自,起源"常与from搭配;D)dispatch意为"派遣"。
52. 答案为D)。hamper意为"阻碍,束缚",句意为:小农场以及缺乏现代技术束缚了农业的生产。其它三个动词的意义是:A) blundered盲动,脱口而出;B)tangled纠缠;C)bewildered迷惑。
53. 答案为A)。四个动词的意思分别是:A)enhance增强,提高;B)amplify放大,增强;C)foster
54. 答案为D)。这是四个形似但意义各不相同的动词。A)confirm证实,确认;B)confront面对,遭遇;C)confine限制,禁闭;D)conform遵守,服从,常与介词to搭配。D)conform不但在意义上,结构也符合原题,是正确答案。句意为:所有学生都得遵守学校的规章制度。
55. 答案为D)。scratch意为"抓,挠",句意为:他挠一挠头,考虑如何解决这个问题。其它三个动词的意思分别是:A)scrapped废弃;B)screwed拧;C)scraped刮,擦。
56. 答案为A)。defied意为"藐视,公然对抗",句意为:男孩子刚能够自己谋生,就公然对抗父母的严厉规矩。另外三个动词的意义是:B)refuted反驳,驳斥;C)excluded排斥,D)vetoed否决。
57. 答案为D)。本题是动词短语辨析。四个动词短语的意义分别是:A)coincided with与......巧合;B)stumbled on偶尔遇到;C)tumbled to恍然大悟;D)collided with与…碰撞。选项D)符合题意,是正确答案。句意为:那架直升飞机与一架轻型飞机相撞,两个飞行员都遇难了。
58. 答案为A)。选项中四个动词的意义分别是:A)conserve保藏,保存;B)conceive想象,持有
;C) convert转换;D)contrive发明,设计。根据原题意,A)conscrve是答案。句意为:保存就是留下来并保护起来,使我们自己享用的东西保持完好,让别人也可分享。
59. 答案为D)。 dazzle意为"使人眩晕,眼花",句意为:戴上墨镜,不然太阳会使你眼花,看不见东西。其它三个动词的意思是:A)discern辨认,识别;B)distort扭曲,歪曲;C)distract分散,分心。
60. 答案为B)primitive意为"原始的",句意为:在原始时代,人类旅行不是为了找乐趣,而是寻找更有利的气候。其它三个形容词的意思是,A)prime首要的;C)primary最初的;D)preliminary开端的,最初的。

PartⅣ Cloze

61. 正确答案为B)。第一家日托所建于1854年,在各地区建立当然是在19世纪的后半期。
62. 正确答案为B)。most of后面要用人称代词。
63. 正确答案为A)。根据句意"第一次世界大战对建立日托所的运动是个促进"。
64. 正确答案为C)。根据句意"当时劳动力短缺使得……"。
65. 正确答案为D)。说明托儿所建立的多而广,"甚至"建在军火工厂里。
66. 正确答案为D)。分析全句,这是一个让步状语从句,故应用连词although。
67. 正确答案为B)。修饰动词rose的副词,四个选项中只有sharply(急剧地)合适。
68. 正确答案为C)。本句的语气上是转折的,要选副词however。
69. 正确答案为B)。"在幼儿园里"介词应该用in。
70. 正确答案为A)。根据句意"通过规范(formulate)和……来管理"。选A)。
71. 正确答案为B)。根据句意"第二次世界大战的爆发"应是"The outbreak of the Second World War"。
72. 正确答案为A)。与第一次世界大战的情况相呼应,所以要填A)"再次"。
73. 正确答案为B)。选项中的四个名词,只有occasion可以与介词on搭配,其意义也与句意相吻合.
74. 正确答案为C)。根据句意"这时,美国政府立即支持保育员学校,1942年7月拨款600万美元……
75. 正确答案为C)。根据句意"许多州和地方社区对这笔联邦政府资助进行补充。
76. 正确答案为D)。动词care要与介词for搭配,表示"照料"的意思。
77. 正确答案为B)。根据句意"在接受联邦津贴的日托中心里"。
78. 正确答案为D)。根据句意"大幅度地削减这笔费用",只有副词drastically是正确的。
79. 正确答案为A)。与前一句相呼应,前面说"大幅度地削减",后来,自然是"废止(abolished)"。
80. 正确答案为C)。根据句意"期望战后大多数所雇佣的有小孩的妇女离开她们的工作……"。