Dame Maggie Smith is reportedly leaving Downton Abbey after the hit PBS show's upcoming third season, according to The Daily Mail.

The Oscar winner, 77, has asked to leave the show and her character, fan favorite the Dowager Countess, will be written out. A source tells the newspaper that Smith is leaving because she wants to end on a high note and wants room to do theater and film projects. The source says that Smith will stay on for all of Season 3 and the subsequent Christmas special. Season 3 is filming now in England and is set to premiere in the fall.

Downton boss Julian Fellowes has not yet completed Dowager Countess' storyline, but the source says that her character will likely come down with a fatal illness. Executive producer Rebecca Eaton told the Orlando Sentinel earlier this month that someone "pretty key in the cast" will die in Season 3, which will also see the introduction of new cast member Shirley MacLaine.

A spokesman for the show refused to confirm The Daily Mail's report. "Carnival Films don't ever comment on future story lines."

沪江娱乐快讯:在《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abby) 中饰演Violet Cawley的玛吉·史密斯 (Maggie Smith) 或于第三季后离开该剧。报道称她已向编剧要求将其角色在第三季做个收尾。这位奥斯卡影后主动要求离开该剧,而她的角色也即将从剧本中被写走。有消息称Maggie选择离开是因为她想高调退场,同时也是为了给其他戏剧或电影的参演留下空间。消息还透露说她仍将出演第三季全季以及随后的圣诞节特集。目前该剧第三季正在英格兰开拍,预计今秋首播。