1.Actually, I thought the first two renditions were far more compelling. Previously, I felt sympathy for the Leonard character. Now I just find him to be whiny and annoying.

2.Oxen are in my bed! Many, many oxen!

3.I've got more nervous ticks than a Lyme Disease research facility.

4.Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it, but we can't tell Dad.

5.I drank milk that tasted funny.
我喝了杯牛奶 味道真好玩儿。

6.Notify the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary: the word "plenty" has been redefined to mean "two."

7.If you're having trouble deciding where to sit, may I suggest One Potato, Two Potato -- or as I call it, the Leslie Winkle experimental methodology.
如果你不知道该坐哪儿,我建议你念"一个土豆 两个土豆"(一种美国小孩玩的顺口溜)或者按我的叫法 Leslie Winkle的实验方法论。

8.You'd hit particulate soil in a colloidal suspension. Mud.

9.You know, it’s amazing how many supervillains have advanced degrees. Graduate schools should probably do a better job at screening those people out.

10.I can't wear different pajamas. These are my Monday pajamas.