base on, based on和on the basis of的用法很多人一直搞不清。
1.Base on
EX: Climatologists base their predictions about climate change on computer simulations.
If you use “base on” you must say WHAT climatologists base on computer simulations. This is because the verb “base on” requires two objects (it is what grammarians call a ditransitive verb). In the above example, computer simulations is one object, and their predictions about climate change is the other.
使用“base on”时,一定要写明什么东西是根据计算机模拟测试得出的。这是因为“base on ”需要两个宾语(语言学家称其为双宾动词)。在上面这个例子中,计算机模拟测试是其中一个宾语,气象学家关于气候变化的预测是另一个宾语。
More examples:
EX: We based our analysis solely on information provided by Mr Andreas Schmitt in his e-mail of last Friday.
EX: As requested, we based Mr Kowalski’s contract on the Company’s global template employment contract for L2/L3 level employees.
2.Based on
You can also say that “something is based on something” – this is the passive.
我们也可以使用base on的被动态——based on,即A是基于B而来的。
EX. It cannot be said that the actions are based on the consumer’s ignorance or lack of experience.
In summary, there are two ways of using “base on” – active or passive.
总之,base on可以有两种用法——主动和被动。
PS: There is no such phrase as “on the base of” or “basing on”.
另外,没有“on the base of” 或是“basing on”这种用法。
3.On the basis of
EX. On the basis of the documentation you sent us, we believe your claim has a good chance of success.