Part I             Listening Comprehension        (20 minutes)
Section A
1. A) She wants to return the skirt her husband bought.
   B) She wants to buy another skirt.
    C) She wants to change the blue skirt for a yellow one.
    D) She wants to change the yellow skirt for a blue one.
2. A) It's too expensive.                B) It isn't needed.
    C) It should be built.                 D) A college would be better.
3. A) Jack's car was stolen.             B) Jack mid his car.
   C) Jack bought a new car.            D) Jack had a car accident.
4. A) Some people pretend to know what they really don't.
   B) What the woman said is true.
    C) What the woman said is wrong.
   D) He knows more than the woman does.
5. A) The woman's job as a librarian.    B) Women's rights in society.
   C) An important election.              D) Career planning.
6. A) She thinks it is easier said than done.
   B) She totally agrees with him.
   C) She feels that what he says is simply nonsense.
   D) She thinks that he is a rather impolite person.
7. A) To clean the yard.                 B) To weed the garden;
    C) To hire a gardener.                D) To work in the flower beds.
8. A) On the 6th of June.              B) On the 8th of June.
    C) On the 9th of June.               D) On the 19th of June.
9. A) The man thinks the woman is wasting her time.
    B) The man thinks the woman should make full use of her time.
    C) The man is eager to know the woman's answer.
    D) The man can wait and there is no need for her to hurry.
10. A) To run into each other.           B) To get bargains.
     C) To avoid the crowds.             D) To join the crowds.
Section B
Passage One
Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
11. A) Because of their love for hobbies and pastimes.
     B) Because of their enthusiasm for sports.
     C) Because of their fear of heart attacks.
     D) Because of their strong desire for good health.
12. A) It was decreasing.                B) It was increasing.
     C) It remained almost unchanged.    D) It was going up slowly.
13. A) Those who have heart attacks.
     B) Those who have the desire to be physically fit.
     C) Those who have spare time.
     D) Those who have inactive jobs.
Passage Two
 Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
 14. A) In the white pages.              B) In the blue pages.
      C) In the yellow pages.              D) In a special section.
 15. A) On the first page of the telephone book.
      B) At the end of the telephone book.
C) In the front of the white pages.
     D) Right after the white pages.
16. A) Check your number and call again.    B) Tell the operator what has happenecl.
     C) Ask the operator to put you through.  D) Ask the operator what has happened.

Passage Three
Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just beard.
17. A) Its specialization in transporting small packages.
     B) The low cost of its service.
     C) Being the first airline to send urgent letters.
     D) Its modem sorting facilities.
18. A) 10,000.           B) 35:             C) 130.           D) 30.
19. A) Because of its good airport facilities.
     B) Because of its location in the country.
     C) Because of its size.
     D) Because of its round - the - clock service.
20. A) Its full- time staff.
     B) The postmen, who work in Memphis.
     C) Students who work in their spare time.
      D) The staff members of the International Airport.