Most of the job seekers fail in the interviews because they:

1. Didn’t research the company. Didn’t know the CEO’s name, the size of the company, their business, the market cap, the ticker symbol (for public companies), etc.

2. Didn’t sell themselves, or forgot to communicate: “This is what I can do for you, because this is what I have done in school, and for others,” etc.

3. Were nervous, had poor body language, or didn’t look the interviewer in the eye. They obviously didn’t practice interviewing or selling themselves. They say things like, “What would you like to know about me?”

4. Didn’t have a real understanding of the position (i.e. not doing their homework about the job) or even asking about the position’s responsibilities.

5. Were not enthusiastic or did not demonstrate a level of commitment to work, the position, or the industry.

6. Didn’t remember what is on their resume. For example, being asked a question about a part-time or summer job and not remembering much about it.

7. Were not thoughtful or inquisitive questions to ask at the end of the interview.

8. Were not able to differentiate themselves from other candidates (i.e. what makes them a better candidate than others).

9. Were not able to identify their weaknesses and show how they plan to strengthen them.

10. Were unable to relate what they have studied or what they have done to a business setting.