Quotes about the United Kingdom
by British Council

A survey commissioned by the British Council gave rise to a number of quotes from people across the globe on their perceptions of the UK.

First set of quotes

UAE - When young people say about the British that he's unpleasant or old, it is an impression we have from the time when Great Britain was a great power together with Portugal.

ITALY - I particularly liked the spirit, the liveliness, the people and their open-mindedness.

HUNGARY - It's so fantastic that they are able to look at themselves with self-irony. I think this is exceptional. They write books and make movies that tell a negative picture about them and they show it.

HONG KONG - A lot of them are drunk and cause trouble.

JAPAN - There are bad points such as discrimination but also good points such as the parliamentary government.

KENYA - It's believed that if you go for further education in Britain, you get quality education.

THAILAND - They seem so cold in general.

BANGLADESH - Heritage from Britain, technology and dynamism from the United States.

SINGAPORE - The British always give me the idea of old and boring.

KOREA - Underlying the British people's ideologies is their deeply rooted tradition, long history, long history of the royal family and democracy, and the class structure.

GREECE - I am thinking about music. It's not by accident that the most innovative trends in music come from England.

VIETNAM - UK is a small island but it has a global trading system.

Second set of quotes

MEXICO - The British are limited. They don't try new things.

JAPAN - British scientists are enthusiastic, almost manic, in particular categories. But they are doing something that really doesn't matter.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Britain was the first country with a constitution, I think. So there is a real democratic tradition in Britain.

SPAIN - Out of the European countries I think the closest to the US is England; but you can't separate them from Europe.

SINGAPORE - They have a group of white trash, you know, skinheads. That group is very, very racist. But I think the majority is fine. In fact, I know there are some community leaders that are black.

FRANCE - There are many differences between the English, the Irish and the Scottish. Irish and Scottish are much more friendly.

HUNGARY - Their mistrust with strangers is also a characteristic. Usually this is said for the Germans but it is far more true for the English.

NIGERIA - A British product is very high quality. You'll use it and use it until you are tired.

RUSSIA - People are very involved in the life of society, politics. They are very well aware of what is going on.

GERMANY - The really crazy people all come from England.

SAUDI ARABIA - They don't have any famous artists. They like soccer.