1. ability n. 能力,本领,技巧~to do sth.

    capability n. 才能,可能性,性能~ to do/of doing sth.

    capacity n. 容量,潜能,智能~to do/for doing sth.

2. able adj. 能干的,有能力的~to do sth.

    capable adj. 能胜任的,有可能的~of doing sth.

    competent adj. 能胜任的,(知识技术)过硬的~ to do/for sth.

    qualified adj. 符合资格/条件的~for sth./in doing sth.

3. absence n. 缺席,不在,缺乏(证据,理由)

    lack n. 缺少,没有(信心,经验)

    want n. 需要,缺乏(知识,关心)

4. accept vt. 接受(可拒绝)

    receive vt. (无法拒绝地)收到

5. accident n. 意外事故,灾祸

    incident n. 事件,事变,(政治)事端

    event n. 大事,重大事件

    occurrence n. 偶然发生之事