Question 6 to 10 are based on the following news.

New York, USA

Thousands of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators fanned out across New York on Thursday in the first major showing of protest strength since authorities forcibly evicted them from their Lower Manhattan encampment two days earlier.

The group twice squared off against riot police in Zuccotti Park, while engaging in sporadic confrontations with authorities throughout the day.

Demonstrators say they plan to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, where 700 people were arrested in a similar march early last month.

At least 177 protesters were arrested during Thursday's demonstrations, said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who noted that seven police officers were also hurt during exchanges with protesters.


Rome Italy

New Italian PM Mario Monti's government of technocrats has passed its first test, winning a vote of confidence in the senate.

As expected, the government won the vote in the upper house of parliament easily, by 281 votes to 25.

The vote was held after Mr. Monti had outlined his government's program of reforms to tackle all the country's economic problems and cut its debt.

He faces a second vote in the lower house of parliament on Friday.

Mario Monti, a former EU commissioner, said austerity measures would be balanced by economic growth and social fairness.

Meanwhile, thousands of students staged protests in several Italian cities against Mr. Monti's government.

解析:本 篇主要围绕着罗马总理候选人Mario Monti展开。考生需要注意,一般围绕着一个人物展开的新闻,考察的重点会放在与该人物相关的一些事实上,如本题的What can we know about New Italian PM Mario Monti’s government of technocrats?

Tokyo Japan

Unlike an earthquake, a demographic disaster does not strike without warning. Japan’s population of 127millon is predicted to fall to 90million by 2050. By then, the ratio between working-age Japanese and children and the elderly will be one to one. What’s more, half the talent in Japan is female. Outside the kitchen, those talents are woefully underemployed, nearly half of Japanese university graduates are female but only 67% of these women have jobs,
Japanese women with degrees are much more likely than Americans to quit their jobs voluntarily, saying that the strongest push came from employers who do not value them. A startling 49% of highly educated Japanese women quit, because they feel their careers have stalled.

解析:本篇听力主要针对日本地震过后会出现的一些问题进行 阐述。其中提到了人口结构的变化以及日本女性的职业情况。本篇无明显生词,但通篇下来出现了五处数字信息,这种情况下考生需要注意在听的过程中记笔记。此 外,也可以看出,听力中的数字信息是每次高口考试的必考点,考生在平时准备的时候尤其需要注意。

Cambridge Massachusetts USA

Scientists are getting closer to the dream of creating computer systems that can replicate the brain.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a computer chip that mimics how the brain's neurons adapt in response to new information. Such chips could eventually enable communication between artificially created body parts and the brain.

It could also pave the way for artificial intelligence devices.

There are about 100 billion neurons in the brain, each of which forms synapses - the connections between neurons that allow information to flow - with many other neurons.

This process is known as plasticity and is believed to underpin many brain functions, such as learning and memory.

The MIT team of scientists has been able to design a computer chip that can simulate the activity of a single brain synapse.


Manchester UK

Leading figures in the world of soccer, on Thursday blasted FIFA President Sepp Blatter for controversial remarks he made on racism in an interview with CNN World Sport.

The head of world football told Pedro Pinto there is no on-field racism in football and that any player who has been abused should simply shake hands with his opponent at the end of the match and move on.

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand, a former England captain, expressed his outrage on Twitter, blasting Blatter's comments as "so condescending it's almost laughable."

The Swiss was re-elected unopposed as the head of football's governing body in June after his main rival was suspended amid corruption allegations. The bidding process for the 2018 World Cup was also dogged by bribery allegations.

Soon after Blatter gave his interview to CNN on Wednesday, his position appeared to be undermined when the English Football Association charged Liverpool's Luis Suarez with racism toward a fellow player.

解析:本篇是有关足球方面的文章,当中出现了很多专有名词,如 FIFA, CNN World Sport, Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand,如果考生平时对体育方面不是很感兴趣的话,容易听漏。但是正如上一篇听力短文一样,对于大部分考生不太熟悉的文章类型,一般出题者会 将考察点设置在文章主旨上,所以,考生在做听力之前可以预先浏览选项,对文章的内容进行大胆推测,此外,在听的过程中以一些字母符号替换文章的专有名词, 只抓取重点信息即可。


6. At least how many "Occupy Wall Street" protesters were arrested during Thursday’s demonstration in New York?
7. What can we know about New Italian PM Mario Monti’s government of technocrats?
8. What percentage of Japanese female university graduates have jobs?
9. What new finding has been made by scientists said MIT, USA?
10. Why did leading figures in the world of soccer call on FIFA president Blatter to resign?