C4N – Ciao for now 拜拜(Ciao是意大利语的再见)

CAM – Camera 相机

CB – Coffee break 休息时间

CM – Call me 打给我

CMB – Call me back 给我回个电话

CMIIW – Correct me if I'm wrong 错了就纠正我

CMON – Come on 快点!拜托!

COB – Close of business 停业

COS – Because 因为

CQRT – Security 安全

CR8 – Create 创造

CRAFT – Can’t remember a freaking thing 什么都没记住

CRB – Come right back 马上回来

CRBT – Crying really big tears 大哭

CRZ – Crazy 疯了

CSL – Can’t stop laughing 停不了的笑

CT – Can’t talk 说不了话

C-T – City 城市

CTN – Can’t talk now 现在说话不方便

CU – See you 再见

CUA – See you around 再见

CUL – See you later 回头见

CUIMD – See you in my dreams 梦里见

CX – Cancelled 取消

CWYL – Chat with you later 一会儿再聊

CYE – Check your e-mail 查看你的邮件