You’d never know it by the way she acts, but Taylor Swift was the NO.1 earner on Billboard’s 2012 Music Money Makers list, beating out all the other famous singing divas! Unbelievable!

Taylor Swift acts like your average super talented, down to earth, well-raised 22-year-old girl, but she’s actually the most financially successful musician in the world, according to Billboard’s 2012 Music Money Makers list.

In fact, the country crooner made an estimated $35,719,902 in 2011 alone, BEFORE sponsorships. That’s more than Lady Gaga made in 2010 when she was the top earner.

This year, our girl Taylor made more than Gaga — who was in fourth place this year with $25,353,039, Adele — who was tenth with $13,081,909 AND Katy Perry – who was fourteenth and made $11,969,426. Pretty darn impressive if you ask us!

So where’s all this money from? Most of it was from her Speak Now tour, which was widely successful, but Taylor also made big bucks off her album and from royalties, since she wrote all the songs on the record.

Congrats on your success, Taylor! If anyone deserves it, it’s you. You’ve stayed grounded and humble — and we appreciate that!

沪江娱乐快讯:简直难以置信!年仅22岁的泰勒成为Billboard榜上赚钱最多的歌手。这些钱大部分来自其世界巡回演唱会,也有很大一部分来自她唱片的大卖——要知道,小天后的歌可都是自己写的!而她又是如此真诚而受欢迎的一个女孩儿,小编都替其他歌手——比如嘎嘎姐,2010年的吸金冠军——感受到了“压力山大”这几个字的含义。Taylor,way to go!