After their Jeremy Lin-inspired surge in February, the Knicks have begun to slide again, losing six of their last eight games — a trend that began when Anthony, J. R. Smith and Baron Davis joined the rotation. Their chemistry is again in flux, and Anthony is clearly struggling to find his way in a new, Lin-centric offense.

He admitted as much, saying: “I think anytime you go from the early part of the season, just having the ball and me just having the ball and being the distributor, and now just running the wings and waiting for the ball to come to me, that’s quite an adjustment for myself.”

It is an adjustment that Anthony and the Knicks will have to make soon, before they lose their hold on a playoff spot. They have 28 games to reestablish an identity and get Anthony back in the fold.

“I think we all are adjusting, we all are sacrificing for the betterment of the team,” said Amar’e Stoudemire. “That’s what it takes to win a championship. You got to sacrifice in order to get to that point.”

It's been a rough go for the New York Knicks as of late. The Knicks have lost five of their past seven games, after Jeremy Lin and "Linsanity" came in and turned the season around.

Coincidentally, the Knicks' latest slump comes with the return of forward Carmelo Anthony to the lineup. New York is only 2-6 with both Anthony and Lin in the lineup together, and 7-1 with Lin in the lineup and Anthony out.

The Knicks were winning after Lin burst onto the scene while Anthony was out of the lineup with an injury. They have had problems winning with Anthony in the lineup ever since they acquired him from the Denver Nuggets last season. There were questions upon his return if Anthony could come back and simply fit into the mix, since things were going so well without him.

Whether or not you feel like he has or hasn't fit in, it's hard to ignore the Knicks' record since his return. It's not exactly fair to point the finger solely at Melo, but that's what's going to happen. Lin's early success has made Melo the goat in the public eye, and he's going to have to be big enough to shoulder the blame until the Knicks can get things figured out.



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