Remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at Asia Society in New York
February 13, 2009
New York

U.S. and Asia: Two Transatlantic and Transpacific Powers


State Department
While in Beijing, I will visit a clean thermal power plant built with GE and Chinese technology. It serves as an example of the kind of job-creating, bilateral, public-private collaboration that we need so much more of. Now, you may have heard me describe the portfolio of the State Department as including two of national security's 3Ds: defense, diplomacy, and development. Each is essential to advancing our interests and our security. Yet too often, development is regarded as peripheral to our larger foreign policy objectives.
在北京期间,我将参观利用通用电气和中国技术建造的清洁热电厂。它是一个我们所大量需要的创造就业、以及双边合作关系和公私合作关系的榜样。 你们可能听我形容过,在国家安全的3D中──防务(defense)、外交(diplomacy)和发展(development),国务院的工作占其中的两个方面。每一方面都对加强我们的利益和我们的安全至为关键,然而,发展的重要性往往被视为处于我国更大外交政策目标的边缘。