Exciting news for “Undercovers” star Carter MacIntyre with the news that the actor got a series regular role on the Lifetime hit “Drop Dead Diva”. The actor will play Jane’s (Brooke Elliott) new guardian angel after her regular guardian angel, Fred (Ben Feldman), fled in the season 3 finale when he was told his girlfriend and mutual friend of Jane’s,Stacy (April Bowlby) was seen kissing Grayson (Jackson Hurst), Jane’s fiance.
Jane’s sexy new guardian angel is described as the polar opposite of fun loving, innocent, and people pleaser Fred. He’s described as happy to be on earth, having a real zest for life, doesn’t pull any punches with Jane’s behavior when steps out of bounds, devilish in his pursuits in women, food and expensive things. He doesn’t care how Jane sees him or if he rubs her the wrong way and takes his job very seriously, not making any room for friends.

If you recognize MacIntyre’s mug it’s because he’s famous for a short-lived television drama from NBC called “Undercovers” and he was also featured on MyNetworkTV’s American Heiress as well. Carter has also appeared on Nip/Tuck, CSI:NY, Bones, and ER.

“Drop Dead Diva” returns to Lifetime as a summer series per usual, with 13 brand new episodes.

Fans of the show weigh in. Do you think Fred will ever come back? Do you want him to come back? What do you think of the new sexy guardian angel? Sound off here!

Lifetime律政喜剧《美女上错身》(Drop Dead Diva)第四季要换新“天使”了。曾出演过NBC短命间谍剧《退休卧底》(Undercovers)的魅力男星Carter MacIntyre近日确定加盟该剧,顶替Fred出演Jane(布洛克·艾略特 饰演)的新守护天使。


在该剧第三季末,Jane告诉Fred她Stacy吻了Grayson,这让F ed心灰意冷。由此看来,他并不打算回来第四季了,至少短期内不会再做Jane的守护天使了。