The Chinese Academy of Sciences

English Entrance Examination-For Doctoral Candidates

March 2001


PART I LISTENING COMPREHENSION (20 minutes, 15 points)


PART II STRUCTURE & VOCABULARY (25 minutes, 15 points)

Section A (0.5 point each)

Directions: Choose the word or expression below each sentence that best completes the statement, and mark the corresponding letter of your choice with a single bar across the square brackets on your Machine-scoring Answer Sheet.

16. He gave me a lot of help in my work, so I have to my success to him.

A. grant B. ascribe

C. commit D. submit

17.It is well known that the first can only work hard planting young trees for a new business, while the following people may obtain the successful fruits.

A. practitioners B. amateurs

C. forerunners D. managers

18. The honest journalist has kept investigating that high rank official for a long time, and he felt very happy when that fellow's corrupt scandal at last.

A. got to light B. stood in light

C. came to light D. looked in light

19. The Minister's answer let to an outcry from the Opposition.

A. impressive B. evasive

C. intensive D. amusive

20. The old gentleman to be an old friend of his grandfather's.

A. turned in B. turned over

C. turned up D. turned out

21. The rules stated that anyone who had held office for three years was not for re-election.

A. admirable B. eligible

C. reliable D. capable

22. I feel very sad that the young man's energetic initiative with nothing in the experiment, for he met a lot of interference from the powerful authority.

A. burned up B. tuned up

C. pushed up D. ended up

23. We were politely an armed guard and warned not to take pictures.

A. assigned B. allowed

C. accepted D. assisted

24.The recovery and of the country's economy has also been accompanied by increasing demands for high quality industrial sites in attractive locations.

A. renewal B. revival

C. recession D. relief

25. In fact the purchasing power of a single person's pension in Hong Kong was only 70 per cent of the value of the Singapore pension.

A. equivalent B. similar

C. consistent D. identical

26. It seems a reasonable rule of thumb that any genuine offer of help and support from people or organizations will be accompanied by a name and address, and a willingness to be as to their motive in making contact.

A. seen through B. checked out

C. touched on D. accounted to

27. According to *** boxing reporter Mike Costello, just as there is worldwide with boxing, so there is worldwide opposition.

A. passion B. attraction

C. emotion D. fascination

28. Although there are several variations on the exact format that worksheets can take, they are all similar in their aspects.

A. potential B. social

C. essential D. partial

29. any advice which you can get from the interviewer and follow up suggestions for improving your presentation and qualifications.

A. Take the most of B. Keep the most of

C. Have the most of D. Make the most of '

30. There is a loss of self-confidence, a sense of personal failure, great anger and a feeling of being utterly .

A. let alone B. let out

C. let down D. let on

31. Japan remains tied to the Western camp partly because the relationship has become to her economy and politics over forty years' association.

A. integral B. unilateral

C. rational D. hierarchical

32. With most online recruitment services, jobseekers must choose their words carefully the search engine will never make the correct match.

A. because B. whereas

C. provided D. otherwise

33. The child should always the same basic procedure: seeing the whole word--hearing and pronouncing--writing from memory.

A. go through B. take over

C. respond to D. carry off'

34. That MGM Grand Youth Center is open to children 3-12 years old what hotel they are staying in.

A. regardless in B. regardless of

C. regardless on D. regardless from

35. Ever since Geoffrey sent a sizeable cheque to a well-known charity he's been with requests for money from all sides.