Is Damon’s new lady friend going to nurse his bruises left by Elena? 

As reported by TV Guide, former Smallville baddie Cassidy Freeman will join the show as Sage, a “murky” vamp who will first appear in a 1912 flashback before reuniting with Damon in present-day Mystic Falls.

As much as people love seeing Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) battle for Elena’s affections week after week after week after week (x 1,000), Some are tired of seeing Damon’s supernatural libido going tragically to waste. Sorry, Elena, but you can only string a guy on for so long before he decides you’re not worth the effort.

My only piece of advice to Sage? Enjoy your time in Mystic Falls while you can! Damon’s girlfriends — see Andie (Dawn Olivieri) and Rose (Lauren Cohan) — have a history of suddenly dropping dead.

What’s your take on Sage as a potential love interest for Damon? Do you think he’ll just want to make Elena jealous, or could he really have feelings for someone else? See you in the comments section!

沪江娱乐快讯:据TV Guide报道,《吸血鬼日记》中将会出席一个新人物:吸血鬼Sage。据报道,这个人物会与Damon有些情感上的纠缠。这个角色将由《超人前传》的Cassidy Freeman出演。首次登场会是一场剧中1921年闪回。《吸血鬼日记》中Damon、Stefan、Elena永无止尽的纠缠确实渐渐有些不那么吸引人,加入个新角色也许可以给剧情来个亮点。不过,如果要做Damon的女友,Sage可要好好珍惜活着的时刻哦~看看与Damon暧昧的那些角色吧,Andie、Rose都没有什么好结果……