President Obama, a noted passionate hoops fan, has been swept up in the Knicks rookie Jeremy Lin’s remarkable run, his Press Secretary Jay Carney said.
白宫的新闻秘书Jay Carney透露,著名的激情篮球迷——奥巴马总统也未能逃过纽约尼克斯队新秀后卫林书豪(Jeremy Lin)掀起的“林氏旋风”。

"The President is an avid sports fan and particularly avid basketball fan and we were speaking about Jeremy Lin on Marine One as we flew here to Andrews Air Force Base this morning,” Carney told reporters en route to a campaign event in Milwaukee.

“It's just a great story and the President was saying as much this morning,” Carney said. “Obviously terrific for the New York Knicks but it's the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself."

Though Obama is a Chicago Bulls booster, the First Fan made certain to catch the highlights of Lin’s buzzer-beating three-pointer to best the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night, Carney said.

"It's a great story and yes, he's very impressed and fully up to speed,” Carney said. “I know he's watched Lin play already.”

The Knicks do not have another game in Washington this season, but if the President wants to catch Lin in person, he can travel to his hometown to watch the Knicks play in Chicago on March 12.