At the end of the Hunger Games teaser footage from the MTV VMAs on Sunday night was a Twitter hashtag: #whatsmydistrict. People have been wondering what that Hunger Games hashtag represented and a lot of fans flocked to Twitter to find out.

Well, a clue surfaced thanks to inquisitive eyes on Monday and that is the Twitter user @TheCapitolPN. This Twitter site instructed people to use the hashtag to identify themselves. Further investigation led to the Hunger Games website and the site is indeed connected with the words “Hello Citizen, Identify Yourself” at the bottom with a link to submit your twitter info with the hashtag.

This seems to use the same type of promotions that The Dark Knight used by getting fans enthralled with the viral marketing, occupying their time until the movie finally hits theaters in March 2012. There is a suspicion than when enough people Tweet this hashtag, a picture will finally emerge from the blurry images on the Hunger Games website.


《饥饿游戏》改编自美国作家苏珊·柯林斯同名小说三部曲中的第一部,故事背景设定在大灾变后的北美、自废墟建立起的“施惠国”(Panem)之中;建国不久,12个行政区便发动叛变,但这场声势浩大的叛乱很快便被都城(Capitol)平息。为了惩罚各政区,都城要求他们每年都必须派出一对少男少女到竞技场参加“饥饿游戏”(Hunger Game),并通过电视直播“贡品”们的比赛过程。除了比赛开始后60秒不可离开原地外,这场游戏毫无规则可言,即使杀人放火也不受限制,最终存活的贡品即为胜利者。