Coca cola
I can't believe we just met two weeks ago and now you're going off to the front. Don't worry. I'll be back before you can say Coca cola. OK. But promise me you watch out for the Germans. Don't worry about me. Worry about the Kaiser. He's not gonna know what hit him, babe. All board. OK, Emily, goodbye. I don't want you to leave. Oh don't cry my love. I love you. I love you too, Francis. Goodbye, my darling. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Francis. Emily? I just wanted to give you my handkerchief. Don't ever forget me. Oh, thank you, darling. You're welcome. Goodbye. Goodbye. Francis, do you miss yet? Yeah, wait. How are you running so fast? What do you mean? I'm on a speeding train. Well, I'm always chasing the sheep around the bar. Maybe that's how. Oh, OK. But we said goodbye. So maybe you should go back to the farm. I'll run all the way to the Germany for you. Aren't you getting tired? Not as long as I'm looking at you. Well, I think you need to go home. But I don't want to say goodbye. Emily, Emily, don't forget your Bonnet. Oh Mom, thanks. I'll be running to town. I'll see you later. OK, Mom. Is that your mother? Yes. I guess you got a preview of me in 25 years. OK, you need to go home now. You are my home. Wow, big old log. Emily, you're freaking me out a little bit. I know. I have so much energy and I only had a small breakfast. What did you eat? 18 eggs and a gallon of buttermilk. But all this running is making me hungry again. Hey, who's that little lady running next to the train? I'm the love of his life. No, you are not. We're breaking up. But why? Because I'm going to war and you're really weird. Fine. But you're making a big mistake, Francis. I may not be your typical girlie girl, but one day, you're gonna wake up, wow. Oh my god, she fell in that creek. No, no, no, hanging on. I am back and I caught a fish. I don't need it. I want to for energy. Did you miss me? You know, strangely, I did. Does that mean we are engaged. Yeah, I'm going to tell mama. You'll never get away from that one.
我不敢相信我们刚才认识两个礼拜而你就要去前线了。不要担心,我会在你会说“可口可乐”之前回来。好吧,答应我要小心德国人。 不要担心我,担心德国国王吧。他不知道自己会被什么打败。全体上车。好吧,Emily,再见。我不想要你走。哦,不要哭我的宝贝。我爱你。我也爱你。Francis.再见,亲爱的。再见。 我想把手帕给你,勿忘我。谢谢你,亲爱的。不客气。再见。 Francis你开始想我了吗?等等,你怎么跑这么快。什么意思?这是高速火车。好吧,我一直追绵羊,可能是这样吧。哦,好吧,但我们已经说过再见了,所以也许你应该回去农场了。我要追你追到德国去。 你不会累?只要看着你就不会。我想你该回家了。但是我不想说再见! 你忘了你的帽子。妈,谢谢。我要跑进城,待会见。好的,妈妈。 那是你妈妈?对,我想你看到25年后的我了。现在你该回家了,你就是我的家。噢,大木头。 Emily,你有点吓到我了。我知道,我精力充沛,而且我早餐只吃一点点。 你吃了什么?18个鸡蛋和一加仑乳酪。但是一直跑害我又饿了。 嘿,那个在火车旁边跑的小姐是谁?我是他心爱的老婆。你不是,我们分手了。 为什么?因为我要去打仗而且你真的很奇怪。 好,但是你犯下大错了。我也许不是你的菜,但是有天,你会醒来然后… 天哪,她掉到河里了。哦,没有哦。撑住。我回来了。我抓了条鱼。我不需要…我要吃了再上!你有没有想我?你知道吗?很奇怪的,我有想…这代表我们要订婚了么?耶,我要去跟我妈说。你逃不掉了。 ——译文来自: lexie0406