The Qipao, or cheongsam, is a classic dress worn by Chinese women. And as traditional women’s clothing regains popularity, the qipao has become the choice for young women to wear for special occasions.

Traditional, delicate, serene and mysterious - The qipao evokes the glamour of a bygone era, yet is right at home in modern times. Designer Zou Qiuming says,

Zhou Qiuming, chief designer of Ruifuxiang Silk Store, said, “The qipao is an amazing costume. It can reflect different women’s personalities and tastes. It suits women under different circumstances.”

She has been working at Ruifuxiang, one of China’s most famous traditional apparel makers, for more than thirty years. Now, she’s the chief qipao designer. It makes her happy to see more young women choose traditional Chinese dresses.

A customer said, “This is my wedding gown. It’s significant for me to wear traditional Chinese clothes at such a special moment. “

It takes one or two days to finish an ordinary qipao. But one or two months may be required if embroidery is involved. More young women are wearing qipaos for a traditional look at parties or other special occasions. Whether custom-made or ready-to-wear, qipaos are sure to make these girls the belle of the ball.

People like Zou qiuming, are not just qipao tailors. They also play an important design role in conveying Chinese tradition, as many designs and styles of fashion have come onto the Chinese market. While the fashion of today represents self-expression and individuality, qipao creates an impression of simple and quite charm combined with beauty.


bygone era:过去的时代
modern times:现代
apparel makers:服装制造商
wedding gown:结婚礼服