In contrast to the mass enthusiasm for returning home for family union during the upcoming Spring Festival, there are some, becoming known as the "home-fear group", who have deep reservations about going back home.

Such fears can be attributed to economic pressure, long distance, parents' desire to see their child get married and other elements, Beijing Morning Post reported on Sunday, citing a survey released by China's Association of Social Workers.

The survey, which covered six big cities including Bejing, Shanghai and Guanghzou, shows that nearly 70 percent of respondents feel anxious about returning home.

The difficulty in buying tickets home is regarded by 83 percent of the home-fear group as one element causing fear; 71 percent are anxious about high spending during the festival; 35 percent are annoyed with factors relating to family or affection.

Seventy-three percent of respondents deem the seven-day-long holiday to be too short.

沪江小编:春节恐归族(home-fear group),他们在担心和焦虑的是什么?经济压力(economic pressure)、路途遥远(long distance)、父母的期盼(parent's desire)、买票难(difficulty in buying tickets)这些都成为阻挡游子归家的障碍。春节是合家团圆的节日(family reunion),想那么干嘛!火速的,打包行李,回家咯!