W: Did you go to the football match on Saturday?

M: No, I had to attend a wedding ceremony, and I was driving all the way from Leeds to Edinburgh. But I listened to the football commentary over the car radio instead. It sounded very exciting indeed, I must say. 

W: You must be joking.

M: Why?

W: Well, it's pretty dull, really.

M: Was it? Come to think of it. That commentator, what's his name? um, Bergman or something, he does tend to overdo it a bit.

W: Well, if you made that football match sound exciting, he certainly did overdo it.

M: How did it go then? I should have thought that Leeds United did well to win with the York City in their present form.

W: Yes, I suppose they did, but 2-1 didn't do them justice. They should have had at least 3 in the first half, and another 2 in the second.

M: Yes, he mentioned that there were some bad misses.

W: I'll say. You should have seen the one Johnson missed. He got hold of the ball out on the touchline, pushed it up to the outside right, and then ran into the middle for the cross, and when it came, it was a beauty. It dropped right in front of him, and all he had to do was to take his time and pick his spot. And instead, he took a wild swipe at it, and skied it miles over the bar.

M: Anyway, it was a relief my team won the game. Let's not look on the black side. Perhaps they learned their lesson. But I shall have to be off. When shall I see you?

W: Oh, on Saturday, I expect. I will be there in the stadium on Saturday, all being well that is.

M: Where will you be? Usual place? 

W: Yes, usual place, on the terraces.

M: Ok, I'll see you then.

W: Bye.

Question 27: Where was the man when the football match took place on Saturday?

Question 28: What does the woman think of the football commentator?

Question 29: What was the score of the football match?

Question 30: According to the conversation, when will the man see the woman again?

Q27,对话开始即提到I was driving all the way from Leeds to Edinburgh.