Fake Wendi Deng account fools Twitter

A Wendi Deng Twitter account, set up in the name of Rupert Murdoch’s wife, has been exposed as fake, despite being officially verified as genuine by the microblogging service.

The account appeared at a similar time to Rupert Murdoch’s new Twitter account on New Year’s Eve, and both received a blue tick from the service, which is only given to high profile people to denote that the account is genuine.

However, despite carrying a tick for the last 48 hours, Twitter has now removed the blue icon from the @Wendi_Deng account. Twitter declined to comment on how the gaffe had occurred, with a spokesman for the US based company saying that the site “does not comment on individuals’ accounts”.

A News International spokesman told The Telegraph that they had been some “confusion” yesterday when speaking to journalists about the two accounts. However, they said that they could “now confirm that the Wendi Deng Twitter account is fake and Rupert Murdoch’s is real”.

A Twitter spokesperson said: "We don't comment on our verification process but can confirm that the @wendi_deng account was mistakenly verified for a short period of time. We apologise for the confusion this caused."

The person behind the Wendi Deng account is still unknown, calling herself an“anonymous blogger”.

The account quickly gathered followers, attracting more than 10,000 people in a short space of time.

However, since the fake Wendi Deng has been ousted, the person behind the account has tweeted about their confusion at receiving the blue verification tick from Twitter: “I was as surprised - and even a little alarmed - when I saw the Verified tick appear on the profile… You might ask 'why didn't I tell them?' But surely Twitter should be checking out its Verified status more carefully? No?”
然而,由于假冒的邓文迪被识破,拥有这个账号的神秘人也发微博表达了收到Twitter实名蓝勾认证时的疑惑:“当我看到我的档案中出现那个认证标志时,我很惊讶,甚至有些害怕 ……你也许会问'为什么不告诉他们呢?' 不过显然Twitter应该更仔细地审查它的认证情况?不是吗?”

Meanwhile the 80 year-old Murdoch plunged the micro-blogging website into uproar with a series of tweets on everything from his family holiday in the Caribbean to the number of holidays taken by British workers on New Year's Eve.

The arrival of the News Corporation chairman on to Twitter, who has been said to view the internet as “a place for porn, thievery, and hackers”, has been greeted by most members of the site with incredulity and horror.