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Part A: Spot Dictation //
Direction: In this part of the test, you will hear a passage and read the same passage with blanks in it. Fill in each of the blanks with the words you have heard on the tape. Write your answer in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET. Remember you will hear the passage ONLY ONCE.

Most "unassertive" people are not confident and take no for an answer much too easily. There is a growing awareness in our society that this tendency ________ (1) the rights of large numbers of people. For example, in recent years there has been an upsurge in ________ (2) and pressure groups. This is a ________ (3) as there will always be a need for such organizations to ________ (4) individuals and minorities in a competitive society. The danger is that we ________ (5) for our rights and lose the art of asserting ourselves. It is better for ________ (6) with other people if you can learn ________ (7) for yourself.//

Now, we have to learn to ignore some of the ________ (8) that may be ringing in our unconscious minds, such as: "If you ask once more, I'll flatten you", and" ________ (9)".
The main technique that we use in ________ (10) to practice the art of persistence is called Broken Record. ________ (11) we hear one sentence over and over again until we reach screaming pitch and ________ (12).//

Broken Record is the skill of being able to repeat over and over again, ________ (13), what it is you want or need, until the other person gives in or ________ (14).//
Now, this technique is extremely useful for dealing with situations where your rights are clearly________ (15), or coping with situations where you are likely to be diverted by clever, ________ (16).
The beauty of using Broken Record is that you________ (17) because you know exactly what you are going to say, however________ (18) the other person tries to be.
As with most assertive techniques, it must be used appropriately. It is ________ (19) and is not designed to foster deep, interesting conversations and friendships with people! It is primarily of use in situations where ________ (20).h//tr.hjenglish.comttp://

Part B: Listening Comprehension//
Directions: In this part of the test there will be some short talks and conversations. After each one, you will be asked some questions. The talks, conversations and questions will be spoken ONLY ONCE. Now listen carefully and choose the right answer to each question you have heard and write the letter of the answer you have chosen in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET.
Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following conversation.
1. (A) Education and health.
 (B) Health in adolescence.
 (C) Sleep deprivation in teens.//
 (D) Mysteries of sleep.//

2. (A) A balance in cognitive thoughts and emotions.
 (B) A chronic sleep deprivation.
 (C) A huge wave of sleepiness.//
 (D) A mighty sleep hormone.
3. (A) Melatonin is the source of a big push from biology that makes teenagers night owls.
 (B) Melatonin is a simple signal that turns on in the morning and turns off in the evening.
 (C) Melatonin is secreted several hours later in childhood than it will be during adolescence.
 (D) Melatonin doesn't shut off until 11 o'clock P.M. every day.//
4. (A) They have to struggle to stay up all night.
 (B) They get severely sleep deprived.//
 (C) They very often oversleep.
 (D) They fall asleep too soon at night.
5. (A) Alertness.
 (B) Reaction time.
 (C) Emotion.
 (D) Concentration.//

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following news.//
6. (A) Corporate executives are confident in the stock market trends.
 (B) Investors in general believe that the outlook for profits is worsening.
 (C) Some major company executives are selling more shares than buying.
 (D) The US stock market is expanding at a 5.6 percent annual rate this year.
7. (A) To inspect the shuttle for potentially critical heat shield damage.
 (B) To rewire the space station for a permanent power source.//

 (C) To beat the odds to get off the launch pad in the first night-time launch.
 (D) To make a fiery ascent that turns night into day.
8. (A) 50.
 (B) 80.
 (C) 150.
 (D) 180.
9. (A) Forty-five women were killed in the blaze at a drug treatment center.
 (B) The fire was not caused by arson according to a senior firefighter.
 (C) Nine mentally ill patients died in the fire.
 (D) People were trapped behind locked gates and barred windows.//
10. (A) Two detectives investigating the case had tested positive for traces of radiation.
 (B) The ex-wife and the former mother-in-law of the spy were also poisoned.
 (C) The Russian businessman who met the former spy in London has fallen ill.
 (D) There is a high degree of probability that it is polonium that killed the spy.
Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following interview.
11. (A) Closed to the public. (B) Silent and empty.
 (C) Packed with (D) Strangely crowded.
12. (A) New Mexico. (B) Minnesota.
 (C) The coast of Florida. (D) The Caribbean.
13. (A) Several gallons of petrol. (B) Food for at least three days.
 (C) Plenty of drinking water. (D) A sturdy pair of work boots.
14. (A) The potential damage.//
(B) The unexpected temperature changes.
 (C) The hurricane's possible path.
 (D) The vulnerability of the locals.
15. (A) Watch, wait and try not to panic.
 (B) Choose another place for a vacation.
 (C) Ask for their money back if there's a hurricane.
 (D) Plan for very bad weather.//

Questions 16 to 20 are based on the following talk.//
16. (A) Car alarms.
 (B) Sirens.
 (C) Jack-hammers.
 (D) Loud music.
17. (A) Break eggs on the road.
 (B) Take certain legal action.
 (C) Use some minor retaliatory step.
 (D) Paint the windshield or front hood of a car.
18. (A) It can only alert the police.
 (B) It is of no use.
 (C) It can prevent the car being broken into.
 (D) It is really too expensive.
19. (A) It makes them noisier than they were 20 years ago.
 (B) It makes it difficult for them to fall asleep.
 (C) It affects their work during the day.
 (D) It does harm to their

20. (A) Many New Yorkers agree about banning this form of sonic pollution.
 (B) The police have formed a posse to reduce the amount of noise.
 (C) Police can break into a car as soon as the alarm goes off.
 (D) Car alarms are very effective at preventing theft./

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