6. You disgust me

Just as my pupils increase in size when I'm interested or turned on, so they constrict when I'm disgusted.

Hess (1972) showed people pictures of injured children. First people's pupils dilated because of the shock and then they constricted to try and avoid the troubling images.

7. Whether I'm liberal or conservative

Should you happen to be carrying around pictures of politicians you might be able to work out whether I'm a liberal or a conservative just from my pupil size.

Barlow (1969) showed people pictures of Lyndon Johnson, George Wallace and Martin Luther King, Jr.. The liberals' pupils dilated when they saw fellow liberals Johnson and King but constricted when they saw conservative Wallace. Conservatives showed the opposite pattern.
Barlow1969 年的实验里给受试者们观看了Lyndon Johnson, George Wallace 和Martin Luther King, Jr.的照片,自由派的受试者们一看到Johnson和King的照片,瞳孔立即变大了;而见到Wallace则变小,因为他是保守派的。同样,保守派的 受试者们也出现了相符的反应。

[en]8. I'm in pain[/en]


If you've had enough of this article now and want to cause me some pain in return, then why not stab me with a pencil? If you're watching closely you'll see my pupils dilate.

Chapman et al. fired small electric shocks into people's fingertips and measured how much their pupils dilated. At maximum intensity the pupils dilated by about 0.2mm.

But that was only to a relatively tame current. Imagine what you could do to my pupils if you plugged me into the mains.

9. I'm on drugs

And you can narrow down the type by looking at my pupils.

Some drugs, like alcohol and opioids cause the pupils to constrict. Others, like amphetamine, cocaine, LSD and mescaline cause them to dilate.

Police officers know this and some use it as one way of checking if someone is off their face. They generally look for pupils constricted to either less than 3mm or dilated to more than 6.5mm.

10. My personality

This one is not strictly related to pupil dilation, but it's too good to leave out.

If you look closely at the coloured part of my eye, the iris, you might even get some clues as to my personality.