1. The rapidly growing birth rate brings about a lot of environment problems, which the government is supposed to take _____.
A. significantly B. severely C. earnestly D. seriously

[答案] D. seriously.

[注释]take...seriously 是习惯搭配,意为“重视,认真对待”

2. Carl wanted to play a joke on Bob but gave himself _____ by laughing.
A. away B. in C. out D. up

[答案] A. away.
[注释]give away 暴露,泄露。

3. The government is _____ and will take the necessary steps to maintain security and stability.
A. on the alert B. out of control
C. on guard D. in vain

[答案] A. on the alert.

[注释]on the alert (=alert; watchful; careful) 警惕,小心:
Drivers must be on the alert for traffic signals.
(=Drivers must be especially careful to see signals when driving a car.)

out of control 失去控制;on guard站岗;in vain 徒劳,无效。

4. Many people complain of the rapid _____ of modern life.
A. rate B. pace C. speed D. growth

[答案] B. pace.

[注释]pace 走或跑的速度;发展或进步速度。

5. She has lost her handbag with the _____ sum of $150 in it.
A. extraordinary B. important
C. considerable D. valuable

[答案] C.considerable.

[注释]considerable 相当可观的。

1)She is considerate to others. (她能体谅别人。)
2)That was very considerate of you.(你真体谅别人。)

6. Russia's withdrawal of its experts from China did not strangle (压垮) the Chinese people; _____ it stirred up their enthusiasm for greater exertions.
A. on the other hand B. on the contrary
C. to the contrary D. in consequence

[答案] B. on the contrary.

[注释]on the contrary相反地:--Have you nearly done?--On the contrary, I have only just begun. Monday unless you write me to the contrary.

7. As he had no friends and relatives in the town, the traveler tried to find a _____ somewhere.
A. log B. lodge C. landing D. lodging

[答案] D. lodging.

[注释]log 圆木,lodge门房,传达室,lodging住所,landing登陆;降落。

8. Because the children keep interrupting her whenever she reads a book, she is always _____ her place.
A. loosing B. missing C. losing D. looking for

[答案] C. Losing.

[注释]lose one's place意为读书时“找不到读到哪儿”。

类似的习语有:lose heart(灰心,泄气), lose one's heart to sb. (爱上某人), lose one's head(惊慌失措), lose one's hold on(or over)(失去对....的控制), lose one's temper(发脾气), lose one's tongue (紧张得不知说什么好),lose one's way (迷路), lose sight of(看不见了), lose one's never(失去勇气)。

9. The manager said that they had an _____ plan if the plan they had submitted was not accepted.
A. alternate B.alternative C.absolute D. appreciable

[答案] B. alternative.

[注释]alternative 可提供选择的,两者挑一的:alternate交替的:
1)There was no alternative route open to her.
2)French and English are not alternative courses; but may be taken in the same year.

10. Jim isn't _____, but he did badly in the final exams last semester.
A. gloomy B. dull C. awkward D. tedious

[答案] B. dull.

[注释]dull (=slow in understanding) 迟钝的。