eg: My lawyer assessed the value of my company at £700,000.



We are remaining at home.


Peter became a judge but John remained a fisherman.


He's determined to remain loyal to the team whatever comes his way.


The death of the innkeeper still remains a mystery.


It remains to be seen.


17.within the reach of sb 在某人手够到的地方

out of one’s reach =beyond the reach of sb 某人手够不到的地方

reach for 伸手去拿

reach to 延伸到

eg: The farmland reaches to the river. 农场延伸到河边。

18.consider…as/regard…as/think of…as/look on…as/have…as 认为...是...

19.an access to ...的入口

an introduction to...的入门介绍

an answer to...的答案

a key to...的答案/关键/钥匙

an entrance to a building 一座建筑的入口

an exit from

a solution to …

20.turn on/off the lights 开/关灯

turn into eg: turn waste land into rich fields 把荒地变成沃野

turn to sb for help/turn to the dictionary 向某人求助/查字典

turn down the radio/his invitation 关低收音机/拒绝他的邀请

turn up the radio 开响收音机

turn in 上缴;把...交给警方

turn over 考虑;翻过来;移交

21.open the floor for discussion 开始讨论

22.have a lasting effect on… 对...有持久影响

23.hide from their responsibilities 逃避责任

24.cut back on/cut down production 减少产量

25.do harm to /be harmful to 对...有害

26.make a final decision 做最后的决定

27.What if we run out of space? 如果我们没有空间怎么办?

28.a new, environmentally friendly hotel 一个新的环保旅馆

29.write in 写信表示意见

30.On taking off his jacket, a sleeping tortoise was found on his stomach.


31.impress sb with sth/impress sth on sb 给...留下印象

32.line up 排队

be lined with trees 长者一排排的树

33.provide sth for sb/provide sb with sth 给...提供...

34.at a national or international level 以国家或国际水平

35.in the form of 以...的形式

36.pick out areas likely to be affected by desertification


37.from my point of view 依我看

38.on account of /due to /as a result of /thanks to/because of 因为

39.depend on the Yangtze River for survival 依靠长江赖以生存

40.leave out 排除在外,忽略掉

eg: Leave me out of this quarrel, I don’t want to get involved.