Someone says, “Time is money.” But I think time is __1__ important than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can get it back. However, when time is __2__ it’ll never __3____ . That’s _4___ we mustn’t waste time.

It goes without saying that the __5___ is usually limited. Even a second is very important. We should make full use of our time to do  __6___ useful.

But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of time. They spent their limited time smoking, drinking and __7__ . They do not know that wasting time means wasting part of their own __8__ .

In a word, we should save time. We shouldn’t __9___ today’s work for tomorrow. Remember we have no time to __10___ .

1. A. much  B. less  C. much less  D. even more

2. A. cost  B. bought  C. gone  D. finished

3. A. return  B. carry  C. take  D. bring

4. A. what  B. that  C. because  D. why

5. A. money  B. time  C. day  D. food

6. A. nothing  B. something  C. anything  D. everything

7. A. reading  B. writing  C. playing  D. working

8. A. time  B. food  C. money  D. life

9. A. stop  B. leave  C. let  D. give

10. A. lose  B. save  C. spend  D. take




1.D.该句中多音节形容词important的比较级应是 more important, 用even来修饰比较级,故选 even more important.




5.B.时间的流逝悄无声息,故应选 time.


7.C.该句列举了一些人浪费时间的例子,四个选项中只有playing能和smoking, drinking 相提并论,故选playing.


9.B.leave意为“留下,剩下”。根据文意,我们不能把今天的事留到明天做,故选 leave.