knife[naif] n. 刀
At last, Rochester and the doctor arrived. "This is strange!" said the doctor. "The skin on the shoulder has been bitten, but also cut with a knife." "When Rochester took the knife from her, she bit me," Mason said weakly. "Well, Mason, I told you never to see her alone, or something like this might happen," said Rochester. "When you return to the West Indies, forget about her. She is not the same person you knew.You must think of her as dead. Now, doctor, is Mason going to be all right? When you leave here, you can take hime home with you, and then in a few days he can leave England." It was now early in the morning, and the birds were beginning to sing. But the house was still quiet. No one saw Mr. Mason leave with the doctor. "Look after him, doctor." said Rochester. "Goodbye, Richard." I thought his voice sounded tired, and sad. "Edward, always take care of her, treat he well..." "I'll do my best, Richard. I always have." said Rochester. Then Mr. Mason left. "But I wish all this would be over!" he said to himeself, after he had gone.