1. I have had great deal of trouble______________________________.(跟得上班上的其他同学)

2. I don't mind your_____________(你延期做出决定) the decision as long as it is not too late.

3. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives_____________(起着不可缺少的作用) in raising children.

4. Mark often____________________________(试图逃脱罚款) whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

5. When I __________________(发现他骗我) I stopped buying thins there and started dealing with another shop.

6. I suggested he ____________________ (使自己适应) his new conditions.

7.  What a lovely party! It's worth_________________( 牢记一生 ).

8.  If you won't agree to our plan,_____________________( 他们也不会同意 ).

9.  His remarks left me ____________________________( 想知道他的真实目的 ).

10.  If you had_____________________ ( 听从了我的劝告,你就不会陷入麻烦)

11. Though you stay in the sea for weeks, you will not____________( 失去联系 ) the outside world.

12. The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence,_____________( 正在研制 ) and perfected now.

13. How close parents are to their children_________________ __( 有很强的影响 ) the character of the children.

14. The room is in a terrible mess; it _____________________ (肯定没打扫过) .

15. With tears on her face, the lady _____________________ (看着他受伤的儿子被送进手术室)