Feng shui 风水
A: Some Chinese people like to keep a bowl of gold fish in their office. They think this can bring good luck to dealing whit office politics and in their career. B: That’s what we call feng shui, or geomancy. Some people think feng shui is superstition. But once you have a closer look. You’ll find it’s much more sophisticated. It is a juxtaposition of environmental, psychological and, hygienic studies. Elements, such as, structures, noise, smell and lighting, which are harmful to a living environment, are called evil. For instance, a room that is either, too bright or too dark, can have an adverse effect on people’s emotions. Fengshui is supposed to help people adapt to that sort of harmful environment. A: Are there any Chinese culture elements in fengshui. B: Of course, there are. It is heavily influenced by the theory of the five natural elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The theory is all about how things complement, or check, each other, and how people should pursue harmony to avoid colored house for too long, he or she, is likely to lose patience and become restless. According to fengshui, the colors in the room are not harmonious and need to be adjusted to achieve balance. Fengshui also has an influence over people’s life and psyche. Chinese culture is developed around the belief of the golden mean. In other words, refrain from being excessive. If a small family occupies a large house, it is believed to bring bad fortune, sooner or later. The message here is, to maintain balance. A: How does fengshui interpret the location of a house? If the location is not desirable, do people have to desert it? B: Not really. Fengshui emphasizes the pursuit of harmony to avoid harm. For example, if the door of a house opens in the wrong direction. The solution is not to seal it but to place something else near the door. That diverts the potential harm and makes people feel secure. It’s quite similar to the fish bowl in the office. It fives people a psychological boost that helps them be more relaxed, and confident at work. Hopefully, it will help them earn promotions. Is this a benefit from the fish bowl, or a psychological boost, or neither? Whatever the answer, if fengshui can help people live a smoother and more successful life, why not?