International Monetary Fund -- IMF
Prime Minister
George Papandreou
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Thousands of Greeks filled Athens' central square for the fifth day of protests against austerity measures that have slashed public sector wages and pensions. Protesters banged pots and pans - and accused the Greek government of stealing worker's money. "We are paying for the mistakes of pas…
已是第五天了,数千名希腊人涌上雅典中心广场,抗议一项削减公共部门工资和养老金的紧缩政策。 抗议者敲打着锅碗瓢盆,指控希腊政府偷盗工人钱财。 “我们是无辜的,我们在为过去数届政府和几代人的错误买单。我们相信,只要团结一致,就可以传递一个这样的信息——我们能促成社会变革,当权者是无法我行我素的。”…