1. "Who is responsible for sending out misinformation?"
"Most of the fault lies _____ the administration."

A. in B. to C. on D. with

[答案]D. with.

[注释]lie with应由.......(承担责任);(作出决定等)得靠......
1)The responsibility lies with the driver.(责任应由这个司机承担。)
2)It lies with you to accept or reject he the proposal.(接受还是拒绝这项建议由你决定。)

lie in在于:
1)The difficulty lies in their great poverty.(困难在于他们非常贫困。)
2)the solution lies in social and political reform.(解决方法在于社会政治改革。)

2. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good _____ of each other.
A. sum B. quantity C. deal D. amount

[答案]C. deal.

[注释]see a good deal of each other 经常见面。

3. Maria _____ missed the first train so as to travel on the same one as John.
A. deliberately B. intensively
C. decisively D. objectively

[答案]A. deliberately.

[注释]deliberately(=on purpose, intentionally)故意地;存心地。

4. They always kept on good _____ with their next-door neighbors for the children's sake.
A. friendship B. relations C. intentions D. terms

[答案]D. terms.

[注释]keep (be) on good terms with与......和睦相处。

5. Do you think a wife should _____ her habits and tastes to those of her husband?
A. comply B. confirm C. consent D. conform

[答案]D. conform.

[注释]conform vi遵守,符号:
All the students must conform to the rules.(全体学生必须遵守规章。)

conform sth. to sth. else(vt)使符合:
He conformed the plans to the new specifications.(他使这些集合符合新规范。)

comply with遵守;confirm使坚定,确认,证实;consent (to)同意,赞同。

6. He was afraid that the branch might bend over and break, and he would be sent _____ to the ground.
A. crashing B. throwing C. rushing D. dropping

[答案]A. crashing.
[注释]crash(to the ground)猛跌(到地上)。Crash n.
常指飞机等的“失事”,如:He was killed in an aircraft crash.(他在飞机失事中丧生。)本句中用falling不妥,fall指“落下,掉下”,本身并不强调落下的速度,而crash使“猛跌”,故本题用crashing最佳。

7. High interest rates _____ people from borrowing money.
A. discourage B. decrease C. disturb D. disgust

[答案]A. discourage

[注释]discourage sb. from doing sth.使认为某事不值得做:Tht wet weather discouraged people from going to the sports meeting.(下雨天使人觉得不值得去看运动会。)

8. Despite their good service, most inns are less costly than hotels of _____ standards.
A. equivalent B. uniform C. alike D. likely

[答案]A. equivalent.

[注释]equivalent相等的,相当的:He exchanged his pounds for the equivalent amount of dollars. uniform 相同的,一样的。Likely adj.很可能的,有希望的。Alike(表语形容词)相同的,相象的。

9. The two things are the same in outward form but different _____.
A. in addition B. in brief C. in common D. in essence

[答案]D. in essence.

[注释]in essence本质上;in addition此外;in brief简短地,简言之;in common共同。

10. _____ it is a good thing I did not get the post I had applied for, though I must admit that I was disappointed at the time.
A. By the way B. In a way C. In the way D. In no way

[答案]B. In a way.

[注释]in a way(-to some extent)在某种程度上;in no way决不;by the way 顺便提一下;in the way 碍事。此题不能选by the way,因为by the way 做插入语其后应加逗号。