Pomegranate helps fight heart disease, relieves stress and improves sex life - now it's nature's elixir of youth, claims study.

It can help to prevent heart disease, relieve stress and has even been shown to improve your sex life.

And if that was not enough to convince you to try pomegranate, the fruit is now being hailed as the elixir of youth.

A £2million study has found a daily dose could slow the ageing process of DNA.

An extract of the whole fruit – including pith, peel and seeds – was given to 60 volunteers every day for a month in the form of a capsule.

Researchers monitored the activity of chemicals in their bodies compared with those who took a placebo.

They found a significant decrease in a marker associated with cell damage, which can cause impaired brain, muscle, liver and kidney function as well as ageing effects on the skin.

This decrease – a hitherto unknown benefit of consuming pomegranate – is thought to slow down the oxidation, or ‘rusting’, of the DNA in cells which naturally occurs over time, according to researchers at the private ProbelteBio laboratory in Murcia, Spain.

Dr Sergio Streitenberger, who led the study, said: ‘We are very excited about this study which we believe demonstrates that regular consumption of this pomegranate extract can slow down the process of DNA oxidation.
组织研究的Sergio Streitenberger博士表示:“我们很兴奋这个研究证实了我们之前的猜想,那就是长期食用这种石榴汁可以减缓DNA的氧化过程。”

'One way to look at ageing is to think of it as rusting, or oxidising, a damaging process. Being able to guard against this process would be a significant breakthrough.’

Dr Streitenberger’s team – whose study will be published later this month – found a decrease in levels of a chemical marker called 8-Oxo-DG in the participants’ urine tests.
Sergio Streitenberger博士团队的研究成果将于本月晚些时候发布。他们在对研究参与者进行的尿液测试中发现一种名叫8-Oxo-DG化学标识出现了各水平上的下降。

It is associated with damage to DNA caused by a host of chemicals we eat, drink and breathe in.

Pomegranate has been renowned as a superfood for centuries, and has been found to contain vitamins A, C and E as well as iron and antioxidants – chemicals which help neutralise harmful oxygen molecules called free radicals.

Last year, researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh found pomegranate juice could combat middle-aged spread and even reduce stress at work.