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Crews in Turkey are working frantically to pull more survivors from the rubble of Sunday's earthquake. As many as nine people including this two-week-old baby girl were rescued on Tuesday.

A U.S. diplomatic official says Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has met with the American ambassador in Sanaa to discuss stepping down. The State Department says this is the first meeting since Saleh returned from Saudi Arabia, where he was being treated after an assassination attempt.

A nurse who treated Michael Jackson has testified that the singer asked her to get him the powerful anesthetic propofol two months before he died. She says Jackson complained that he couldn't sleep, and propofol was the only thing that would help.

A government panel is recommending that young boys also get the controversial HPV shot. Doctors argue it could protect boys from some cancers and it could help prevent the spread of HPV, a sexually transmitted virus to girls.

Reid Foley, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.