One of Innovative Artists’ biggest TV clients, Emmy-winning The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons, has left the agency after 10 years.
Innovative Artists公司最大的电视剧客户之一,艾美奖得主《生活大爆炸》的明星演员吉姆·帕森斯离开了相处十年的经纪公司。

Parsons has not landed anywhere yet and is expected to take agency meetings at some point.

When Parsons’ long-time  agent at Innovative Craig Shapiro moved to ICM in April 2010, there was speculation that Parsons will go with him but the actor stayed at Innovative, which handled his Big Bang salary renegotiation last summer that earned Parsons a major salary increase and the agency a big commission bump.
当帕森在Innovative时长期合作的经纪人Craig Shapiro 2010年八月跳槽到ICM时,有人猜测帕森会跟着他走,但是那时候他选着留在了Innovative,这帮助他在去年夏天获得《生活大爆炸》的片酬重新调整的机会。《生活大爆炸》片酬调整使得吉姆帕森斯收入增长,他的经纪公司也因此大大增加了收入。

The Emmy and Golden Globe winner had been without an agent since early September when he left Innovative, where he had been for 10 years.

He recently took agency meetings, landing at UTA. Parsons, who continues to be represented by manager Marsha McManus at Principal Entertainment and attorneys Ken Richman and Jason Hendler, won his second consecutive Emmy last month for his role as Sheldon on CBS’hit comedy Big Bang Theory.
最近,他召开了经纪会议,最终决定落足于UTA。依然由Principal娱乐公司的经理Marsha McManus代表,由Ken Richman和Jason Hendler作为代理律师的帕森上个月因出演CBS的喜剧《生活大爆炸》中Sheldon一角连续两年当选艾美奖视帝。

He recently made his Broadway debut in the Tony-winning revival of The Normal Heart and has a cameo in Disney’s upcoming The Muppet Movie.