It would be impossible for us to make this movie a few years ago, I mean what learnt from King Kong to Avatar to have brought their technology to another level for this movie to make our apes look real.

This is the first live-action film that has its main character as a thoughtful feeling, self-aware animal. This is the Apes story.

Andy Serkis is unlike any other character. He can have characters that don't speak, emote ways that you don't really see often in movies.

The basic usage of performance capture is through cell screen you will see the apes but they're apes which are fused with heart and soul of actors' performance.

You can be blinded by the technology. You can find yourself wane down by it. And I think Andy brings a spirit and an understanding and a simplicity. He's able to push the technology to one side and think about it in terms of just real-life action performance.

This film was not possible without the work of Andy Serkis.

You have to trust me, I'm gonna get you out of here.

Everybody's seen jackanapes. Everybody's seen orangutans. You know how they are supposed to look. So I think the bars in terms of needing to make photo-realistic character is really high.

So we had to go the best people in the business to do visual effects in this movie. WEDA had the experience from King Kong, Avatar and the Lord of the Rings. One of the improvements in motion-capture since Avatar, really have to do with the detail and the type of that are getting out of the cameras gives us more facial information and that subtlety is what's gonna make the apes work, which is gonna be very different. You don't get a chance to look apes' eyes like you'll see in this movie.

We started with the concept art and we started to use as bases of designing our characters. And then from there here goes our creatures department, which they are working on the whole muscular system, the skeleton system and the way that the apes will actually move. And then it would come to the textures department, where we had to actually put in every all the very fined wrinkles into all the characters.

At the same time, the model department are doing the groom, laying out the fur and handing that off to shadows as well so that they apply hair that then goes to the shots department where everything comes together. So the creatures really do have the correct anatomical eyes, They have muscles and fat skin that really make as real as possible.

Obviously when you work with WETA, it can be safe for you to knowledge that they can come up with something pretty great but we were attempting to do something that had never been done before. And my first reaction of seeing it was that Andy Sirkis' looking like a chimp and that what's amazing is you see his performance.

What we do differently on the Rise of Apes from what we did on Avatar is we brought performance capture into the life-action location.

In a way it's probably the best thing that happened to mocap. We've been shooting in the stage without sunlight for like ten years.

We are on the set of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the largest mocap volume in the world and first time it's been done outside. So WETA is basically changing all the rules with motion capture.

That was good!

We are breaking very new grounds here. From second three in the movie, you will believe. It has the spectacle, has the scope. WETA's done something that is quite extraordinary.


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