I'm Mary Crycley I'm the co-producer costume designer of the Big Bang Theory. And this is Simon Helberg Wollowizh.
我是《生活大爆炸》的服装设计联合制片人。这是饰演Wollowizh的Simon Helberg。

Hello, thank you.
你好 谢谢你

He has an actual room of his own...the character because he has quite the array. Starting with some of his stretch sparkly turtlenecks.

I mean it takes a man to pull that off.

Rasberry sprinkle, yes.

It's always a surprise for me to get into my dressing room and whatever is hanging there, I get to put on.

I think Haward's wardrobe is brilliant I think it is a I mean the turtlenecks and all those belts. It's really fun and I think he thinks he looks really good. He's very swap. Wollowitz owns it like a 100%. No one else can even try to copy it.

So here is a typical outfit of Howard Wolowitz. He's got the black turtleneck with the alien pins, alien pins, stripe T-shirt, his purple stretch jeans a checkered belt.
这是一套Howard Wolowitz经典的搭配。他的黑色高翻领和外星人胸章、一件深V领、条纹T恤、紫色弹力牛仔和格子腰带。

This one deserves the black robot buckle I believe. And he would never leave the house without his matching bands.

And I have to do my best to squeeze into the pants and close them. So that's the journey and the struggle that I have every week.

These are the very heavy hangered buckle cases. There's banana, robots, telephone the famous gear shift park vs neutral drive depending on his mood. And then we have all the different style belts there. Probably on camera you can't really see the detail of some the belts, like there is a transit system,there's flames, there's a belt with jazz singers on it,volume control, piano keys,metric tables. And of course, you know we love that.
挂起来的都是些很重的皮带扣,有香蕉、机器人、电话、有名的换挡器、停车或空档驱动,挂在哪一档都依心情而定。我们这里还有不同风格的皮带。在荧屏上很可能不大能看清楚皮带的一些细节,比如这有个过渡系统,这上有个火焰,这上有个爵士歌手、音量调节器、钢琴键盘、十进制表。当然还有我们喜欢的 这个

here are some of the alien pins that go on his turtlenecks that he wears in every episode. There is a reason behind it, but it's a secret.

Howard is a style on the show. He is very growing centric the belt buckle and the tight pants and this goes i guess with his character which is you know, sex comes out of his mouth a lot into beautiful rainbow of flavors he is wearing.

There is some turkles pants that really look like they were painted on.

I would not date a guy whose pants are smaller than mine The fact that i can't get my leg in his jeans. No, that's unacceptable.

This is totally my favorite outfit. This fits well you know reminds me almost like reminds me like a cock bean. This sweater something and makes me back to my youth. And you got this belt buckle and it just says you know i'm here i'm ready to open my heart out and my mom's bedroom.

God forbid that we are inspiring people to dress like this. Whatever makes people happy again. Yeah, it's very cool to be affecting anybody I guess.