Study: More Than Half Of Women Are Attracted To... Other Women

Admiring another woman’s looks could have an underlying meaning, because according to recent research, 60 per cent of heterosexual women find other women sexually attractive.

The latest findings from the Boise State University, discovered that over half of the 484 straight women questioned, had been attracted to another female at some point in their lives – with a further 45 per cent admitting to kissing a woman and 50 per cent confessing to enjoying fantasies about other ladies.

“Women are encouraged to be emotionally close to each other. That provides an opportunity for intimacy and romantic feelings to develop,” says Professor Elizabeth Morgan from the study.
该研究的Elizabeth Morgan 教授认为,女性一般跟同性感情上很亲近,这也给亲密感和恋爱情怀在彼此间滋生发展创造了条件。

A previous study found that the chances of a woman being attracted to other women increases as she get older.

Following on from the findings at Boise State University, psychologist Lisa Diamond from the University of Utah, discovered that sexuality develops over time. Of the women she questioned, many of them changed their sexual preference from heterosexual to ‘unlabelled'.
基于博尔州立大学的研究发现,犹他大学的心理学家Lisa Diamond通过调查,认为女性的性取向会随着时间发生改变。在她调查的女性中,很多人从异性恋变成了性取向“无法确定”。

The survey results will certainly ring true with retail guru Mary Portas.
伦敦的零售营销顾问大师Mary Portas的经历似乎可以佐证这个研究结果。

Mary Portas was 49 when she entered into a civil partnership with 37-year-old Grazia journalist Melanie Rickey last year after calling time on her 13 year marriage with husband Graham.
49岁的Mary Portas在去年结束与丈夫Graham13年的婚姻后,与37岁的杂志记者Melanie Rickey确立了伴侣关系。

Mary Portas:(小编注:图中左边)

Lots of women have been in love with men and then women and vice versa, it’s just not so defined and I couldn’t explain it in black and white.

Have I loved men? Yes. Have I loved more than one woman? No.

But did I know that I’d had crushes on men and women in the past? Yes.

Was I happy in my heterosexual relationships? Yes. That’s the way it just happened.