1 变身丧尸第一站

My first stop is at wardrobe, where I try on a disgusting bloodstained suit. I'm a size 32, but they make me wear a size 38 because they like their zombies to look like they've lost some weight since dying. It all serves to make me look more like a skeleton than a zombie, but maybe the two are, in fact, one and the same.
我的第一站是试装间,我在这里穿上重口味的“血衣”。我是穿32码的衣服,但是他们给我准备的衣服是38码的,因为他们想让他们的丧尸们看起来像是死了之后干瘪了 一点。这身着装让我看起来更像是骷髅骨架,但是说不定丧尸和骷髅其实都是一个东西。

2 化妆之前

This is what my face looks like before it goes into the makeup chair. Some would say what happens next is an improvement. And those people would be very, very mean.

3 介绍一下化妆团队

Makeup guru Greg Nicotero and his team have 35 zombies to create today. I end up in the chair of Andy Schoneberg, who begins by applying some prosthetics. I'm not good at sitting still.
化妆师Greg Nicotero和他的化妆团队今天一共要给35个丧尸化妆。今天给我化妆的是Andy Schoneberg,他先给我敷上了些东西造型。长时间坐着一动不动还挺难受的。

4 牙齿也要化妆

After Andy is done applying blood, dirt, grime, and lots of other nasty fluids to my face, he goes for the teeth, applying a yellowish stain that immediately cancels out every Whitestrip I have ever used. During the rest of the day people will continually spray black grime into my mouth, which I am then instructed to spread over my teeth for the ultimate gnarly effect. Tastes gnarly, too.

5 眼睛要带隐形眼镜

The worst part of all involves the contacts. I've never worn contacts, so I am not used to people sticking stuff in my eye, and these big, bad demon lenses are brutal. But man, is the final result worth it. (See next image for proof.)

6 化妆完成

I am SOOOOOOOOO ready to eat some flesh at this point. The zombie makeover took around 90 minutes total. Now I'm all set for my big scene.

7 一群丧尸在拍摄中

The scene involves a pack of zombies chasing an abandoned Shane (Jon Bernthal) just outside the exploded CDC. That's me in the middle in full zombie glory. But what's up with my shoulders? Am I wearing shoulder pads or something? What is this, the '80s?

8 丧失也要吃午餐

There's just something inherently wrong with a zombie eating salad. The best thing about the lunch break: I get to remove those hellish contacts.

9 丧尸也怕热

Doing a chase scene in heavy makeup and wardrobe in 95-degree heat for eight hours can take a toll, even on zombies. Which is why nothing beats a short break in an air-conditioned bus. Fun fact! That's star Andrew Lincoln's brother-in-law James sitting right behind me.
就算是丧尸,画着浓妆在镜头里追来追去还要在95度高温下工作8小时也是很痛苦的。所以大家都忍不住到空调巴士里来乘会儿凉。更有意思的是Andrew Lincoln的姐夫James坐我旁边哦。

10 和漫画作者合影

The Walking Dead comic-book creator (and show executive producer) Robert Kirkman thought he could escape me. HE THOUGHT WRONG! He could use a little salt, though.
《行尸走肉》漫画书作者(也是本剧执行制片人)Robert Kirkman以为他能从我的口下活命。他大错特错!不过他可以抹点盐。

11 要回去工作了

Joking around with star Andrew Lincoln and EP Robert Kirkman in between takes. Then it's back to action. The action of killing!
和主演Andrew Lincoln和执行制片Robert Kirkman玩笑一番之后又要回去工作了。丧尸去咬人了!

12 镜头上的我

In the end, my big scene was cut from the premiere. But I'll always have the memories of my big zombie debut...as well as some nasty black grime between my teeth.